Sunday, October 02, 2005


Oh Skittles, lookin' all pensive.

Skittles and I met about four years ago. We were in a show together, but we didn't really talk or hang out... until one day, Scott come up to me and said," I saw you driving twice this weekend. I think I'm your stalker now. Let's be best friends." And I said, "Okay!" If you think I'm making this up, I'm not. That's pretty much exactly how it went. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Skittles, whose real name is Scott, said that he had always wanted a friend named Cricket, so was it okay if he called me that? I said it was fine, as long as I could call him Skittles. Cricket and Skittles... what are we, guinea pigs?

We all know that our friends fit into categories. You can have go-out-drinking friends, intellectual friends, party friends, people you were good friends with when you were young but now don't have anything in common friends, one-upsmanship friends (otherwise known as friends you don't really like), friends who are like family, and countless other categories. I think Skittles is my "be childish" friend. We play a lot of mini-golf together, and he once gave me a Chuck E. Cheese lunchbox as my tip when I waited tables. Also, Skittles is my stage whore friend. Most of my friends have some sort of performance background, but Skittles is the only one who admits to loving the limelight. His goal in life is to be famous. Picture it - a reality show starring a guy who's a veterinarian by day, karaoke star by night. I'd watch it.

Read Skittles' blog - - and you'll want to be his friend, too. Maybe he'll even give you a nickname!

Skittles - A-


amandarama said...

My dad told me yesterday that he had no idea that Skittles was a guy...

equippedtofascinate said...

Maybe we should rethink the nicknames.