Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am not pregnant. However, based on my purchases at the grocery store today, you might think I was. Consider:
ice cream

When I was a little girl, I used to like to eat pickles and chocolate cake together as a snack. I like pickles, and I like cake, so what could be better than having them on the same plate and taking a bite of one and then a bite of another? Nothing, I say.

Do you have fun food combos you'd like to share with the group?

sauerkraut - A
ice cream - A
combined - I'm giving this one a D - I don't think they should be ingested simultaneously

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More About Sarah Palin

Do you see it?
my new career as an impersonator - B

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Who Says I'm Not Into Politics!?

Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was on the cover of four news magazines that I saw yesterday at my neighborhood supermarket: People, Us Weekly, the National Enquirer, and...


How does it feel, Newsweek, to finally be on the cutting edge of print gossip? I bet it feels pretty good.

Us Newsweekly - B+

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gross! Eww!

We found a roach.  A GIGANTIC roach.  Let me put it in perspective: this roach was so big that the manager of the leasing office (because Fearless Husband took it in to show to the maintenance guys) thought it was a PLASTIC TOY.  And we also found THREE egg sacs.  This grosses me out even more.  To think - if Big Meanie hadn't shown up, leading us to look in every nook and cranny, we could have had a gazillion of 'em.  NASTY.
So now we have to have our apartment sprayed - which means that we have to clear out every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Which is annoying, but a lot less annoying than the alternative. (note: Fearless Husband that it's gel pesticide, not spray, in all the little spaces that we and the dog can't get to but bugs can.  No bug bomb.)
We are sad about the roaches.  We don't think that we're filthy people.  Sure, I don't clean the bathroom as much as I should... or vacuum... or sweep under the refrigerator, but believe me, I have known some gross people, and we are not them.  So why are we the new haven for creepy-crawlies?  
Awesome.  Now the dog is sniffing a cabinet.  I just hope he likes the smell of scrapbook supplies.

nasty awful creepy grossness - F  

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sister Mary Two-Ply Absorbency

Tuesday was the first day of school in these parts, and I live right across the street from a Catholic elementary school. It was super cute to see all the little girls in their jumpers and the boys in their stiff blue Oxford cloth shirts, trudging up the sidewalk with gigantic (but empty) backpacks. What surprised me, though, was that all of them were carrying dry goods. You know - tissues, paper towels, I think I saw a pack or two of disinfectant wipes. I guess when you're charging an admission fee for school, you can ask the parents to supply with germ killers, too.

parent-supplied paper goods - B