Friday, September 05, 2008

Sister Mary Two-Ply Absorbency

Tuesday was the first day of school in these parts, and I live right across the street from a Catholic elementary school. It was super cute to see all the little girls in their jumpers and the boys in their stiff blue Oxford cloth shirts, trudging up the sidewalk with gigantic (but empty) backpacks. What surprised me, though, was that all of them were carrying dry goods. You know - tissues, paper towels, I think I saw a pack or two of disinfectant wipes. I guess when you're charging an admission fee for school, you can ask the parents to supply with germ killers, too.

parent-supplied paper goods - B


Anonymous said...

You might think it's cute. Others in the area see nothing but menace.

senor fuerte said...

This seems weird to me. I can understand parents being asked to provide supplies like this in our cash-strapped public schools, but in parochial? Hmm.