Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project Runway

Well, it's about damn time. I can't believe how long Angela lasted - but I loved that Catherine Martiriano or whatever her name was said that she wasn't a jetsetter and was from another world. That made my day. Bye-bye, Angela. Perhaps the show will be less kooky because you're gone, but the fashion world is a safer place.
I didn't love this challenge, but I think this was a natural place for a dip. After all, last week's challenge was so great, and the challenge before that was pretty good, too, so I'm OK with kind of a weaker theme. Which is not to say that it was a weak challenge. Seventy-five bucks and ten hours to make an outfit for a hip jetsetter? That's tough. But I think that giving the win to Jeffrey was sort of bogus. Sure, the outfit looked good, but did anyone else notice that he took the coat off for the flight to Paris? Michael left his whole look on for the whole flight. And didn't Laura look fabulous in a color other than black or white, and with her hair down? Yes, yes she did.
Here are my predictions for the remainder of the show: next to go will be Kayne, which will be ridiculous because Vincent will be back on the crazy train; but he'll get his the next week; leaving the final four as Uli, Laura, Michael and Jeff. The judges will finally have enough of Uli's prints and flowiness, so the top three will be Jeff, Laura and Michael. Mark my words.

Project Runway - A-

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here, Piggy Piggy!

Awesome. One of my favorite things about my job on a nice day is tons of people walk by with their dogs. I like people watching, and the doggies are just a little extra treat. But yesterday, a woman walked by with her pig. It was unreal. The pig was huge. Like, belly practically dragging the ground huge. And we just happened to be having an ice cream party for our members right then, so our business manager took a little cup of ice cream to the piggy. They drew quite a crowd.

Only in Ann Arbor? I think so.

walking your pig in the middle of downtown - A-

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Emmys

Thank you, Blogger, for finally allowing me to post some pictures.
So, the Emmys. They're kind of the Oscars' bratty little brother. It's still glamorous, of course, but I can't help but think that an Emmy is not quite as good as an Oscar. It's irrational, I know, considering that there are some fine actors who will probably never win an Oscar but will win a gazillion Emmys (Megan Mulally comes to mind, and perhaps Kelsey Grammer?). Still, it seems like what everyone really wants is an Oscar, then a Grammy, because deep down everyone wants to be a singer, and then comes Emmy. Followed by Tony. It seems like just about everyone is in a play these days.
I digress. I'm OK with the outcome of the awards - although Project Runway was robbed. Seriously. The Amazing Race, four years in a row? It's fine, but it's time has come and gone. I'm disappointed that the two shows I watch faithfully (PR and Grey's Anatomy) weren't rewarded with Emmys, but what are you gonna do? Sometimes I wonder about the voters. I think two of the five best comedy actress shows were cancelled, and at least one of the best actress drama shows. That's not to say that the acting wasn't good, but if the show didn't get picked up for a second season, maybe that means something. And as someone who doesn't watch Lost, how could it win for Best Drama last year and not even get nominated this year? That's kind of whack. But with all that said, I'm still pretty happy with the outcome. Hooray for Tony Shalhoub and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
OK, on to the fashion. There were some real winners last night, for sure. If it wouldn't make my blog insanely long, I'd show pictures of all my favorite dresses, but instead, you'll just get treated to my top three. Second runner-up: Ellen Pompeo. Look at her from the face DOWN. That dress is gorgeous. And she sure knows how to take a picture. I watched her on the red carpet, and she was all twitchy and annoying, but it's a beautiful dress and she looks amazing in it. Maybe with less severe hair she would have been first runner-up... but that honor goes to Portia de Rossi. I never would have paired gunmetal gray/green with bright red lipstick, purse, and shoes, but she did, and it looks amazing. I love everything about it. The night's winner was, of course, Heidi Klum. Holy shit. Seal's right - Heidi is most beautiful when she's preggers. She is for sure GLOWING. And the dress is absolutely fabulous. Great color, love the one strap, and the flowiness clearly isn't trying to hide the baby bump, but rather embrace it without accentuating it. And can you believe those gams? I wish I could look that good when I'm pregnant, but I think you have to start with supermodel good looks to be that fortunate. Her arm candy ain't too shabby, either. Way to accessorize, Heidi.

The Emmys - B+

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Heidelberg

I'm not much for going out at night, but when I do, you better believe I do it right! I just got home from the Heidelberg, Ann Arbor's equivalent to any bar in Germany (I can say that because I've never been to Germany). The occasion was my friend Timmy D's birthday,and I dedicate this blog post to Tim and his delightful girlfriend Erika, who invited me to go out tonight. Thanks, friends, and Happy Birthday Tim!

The Heidelberg is a little weird. It's one of those three-clubs-in-one sort of places. The main floor seems to be a classy-ish restaurant. The second floor is a bar/club, with a cover. The basement is where the fun really lies. The Rathskellar is loud and full of college kids, but they also loan out Euchre decks, so my new best friends and I played several hands of Euchre. It was loads of fun. The bad thing about Rathskellar is that the pretty much serve only expensive German beer, which wasn't really in my budget. Oh well.

Heidelberg - B
good times with good friends - always an A+

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hello, FedEx Lady

Is it wrong that I answered the door in my bathrobe? I just got out of the shower, and I wasn't expecting the FedEx delivery for another hour. But I don't want to be that weird lady who hangs out in her bathrobe, and I certainly don't want to inflict my bathrobe on strangers. Pajamas, yes. Bathrobe, no.

answering the door whilst wearing my bathrobe - C-

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway

What a great episode! I loved it. It was so awesome to have a challenge with "real women" as models, and the moms/sisters were adorable. Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think having the designers not design for their own family member was a good choice. How many of those designers do you think have already designed clothes for their family member? Probably all of them. It was good to have a "challenge." But did anyone else notice that all of the "skinny" moms went first? First out was Robert's sister - she's young and thin. Then were Jeff's mom, who was thin and fashionable, then Uli's mom, who was thin and fashionable, then Laura's mom, who wasn't actually thin but certainly wasn't fat. The designers who chose those women were trying to stick with what they knew they could work with... and who can blame them?
On to the clothes: I think the only reason Vincent won was because he reined in his craziness. I think his meds finally evened out. Seriously - he was borderline normal this week. But the dress? Not awesome. I think it showed off Uli's mom's tummy a little too much. I could see the little pooch, which is never good.
But Uli's design and Michael's designs were phenomenal! How could they have not won? OK, how could ONE of them not won? They look so good. Yes, Michael had the young thin pretty model, but that's a fabulous dress. It would look good on just about anyone. Oh, and Teresa worked it on that runway. You know Robert had her modeling from the moment she could walk. And Uli's design for Kayne's mom is wonderful. She looks so pretty, and the two prints are really gorgeous together.
I'm so sad to see Robert go. I really liked him, but he had slipped into a rut and he just couldn't get out. Maybe he'll be one of those designers who get more publicity because he didn't win. Good luck Robert, I'll miss you - and your fabulous catty comments.

Project Runway - A

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Help, Guidance and Direction

I am shopping for a new cell phone carrier. I spent a little time today scoping out some other providers. Here's what happened:
The T-Mobile guy was very helpful, very friendly, and very knowledgable. He typed Nate's parents' zip code into his handy dandy computer to see what sort of coverage T-Mobile can provide in the woods of Northern Michigan, and the news was good - coverage is provided by their "carrier partners," but the coverage is strong and there's no roaming.

I've been with Sprint for the last four years, and they've been my only cell phone carrier. I wasn't totally unhappy with them, but they were going to have to offer me some pretty sweet stuff to get me to stay. And - NOTHING! When I said to the Sprint guy "What are you going to give me to get me to stay?" he said "Unfortunately, we have to follow all the rules and I can't make any deals with you." That's a bunch of bullshit. Buddy, if you wanted me to stay, you would have made deals, I guarantee it. Sprint is off the list.
I waited a long time to be helped at the Verizon booth, which is never a good start, but once I was waited on, the service rep was very helpful. Verizon is the only place that took my phone number, and I fully expect Jaimie to call me back in a week to see if I've decided to go with Verizon. Verizon is number two on the list.
The girl at the Cingular store was a straight shooter - she told me that when I first joined up with Sprint, cell phone carriers were giving phones away to practically anyone, and they just can't afford to do that anymore. She also told me that Cingular treats their old customers like new customers, but then she told me that old customers are rewarded with deals and rebates. Don't those two things cancel each other out? No matter. Cingular was fine, but I was more impressed with T-Mobile and Verizon.

So, dear readers, weigh in. Who do you use? Who should I use?

shopping for new cell phone coverage - B

It's That Time of Year

Late August is a crazy time in a college town. On one hand, there's this influx of new people, trying to figure out what's going on in their new town; on the other hand, there are tons of people leaving as they make their way to the next stage of their lives. I work with a lot of college kids, and the last two weeks have had no resemblance to the rest of the year. Three people left last week, and one more is out at the end of this week... but the people who left for the summer aren't back and the new hires haven't been hired yet. It's unsettling.

All the best to those of you on your way to something new, and to all of us doing the same thing this year that we did last year - hang in there.

leaving/arriving - B-

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

You've probably all heard of Little Miss Sunshine by now - it got all kind of rave reviews right after Sundance this year. I saw it last night (one more shout out for my awesome job that gets me in free to all sorts of good movies), and it was nothing like I expected. I was really thinking it was going to be a dark comedy, with an emphasis on dark. I was wrong. It was straight up comedy. I laughed OUT LOUD. So did pretty much everyone else in the theater, and the theater was packed. Also, I had heard that it came very close to being a typical dysfunctional-family-on-a-road-trip movie, but on the contrary, I thought the majority of it was very innovative and fresh. Sure, there was the line "We're family, and we stick together," or something like that, but overall, it didn't get schmaltzy.

Steve Carell - suicidal gay Proust scholar. WAY funnier than 40-year-old virgin. And Paul Dano, who plays the silent son, was just awesome.

But don't just blindly believe the hype - see it for yourself! I wholly recommend it!

Little Miss Sunshine - A

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Credit Cleansing

This week, I've embarked upon a little credit cleansing. I closed two store accounts that I hadn't used in a very long time, and I got my free annual credit report. Of course, the free report doesn't actually include your credit SCORE, which is really the part you want to know - you still have to pay for that. Which is bullshit. But, I have two reports in hand and am getting the third in the mail sometime soon. I feel like it's time to be a big girl (please, no fat jokes) and take real control of my finances and credit.
The last time I did this, I discovered three accounts that had gone to collection. That was a rude awakening, let me tell you. I had no idea that an overdue library book could go to collection! Those accounts have all been paid, but they still show up on my credit report - and probably will for the next five to seven years. I guess bad credit is sort of like prison. Maybe they'll get removed sooner for good behavior.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you get a free credit report every year - take it! Figure out what the hell is going on out there in CreditLand!

credit cleansing - B+

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beyonce "Deja Vu" Video

This video is something else. I know a lot has already been made about it by bloggers better than I, but I've seen it quite a bit recently and just feel compelled to write about it. Apparently, people are up in arms because they think Beyonce is too "hot," or too "adult." People, please! She is an adult! Here are my problems with the video: 1 - Jay-Z is kind of mean to Beyonce. He never looks at her, never smiles, just looks all mean. Be nice to your girlfriend, Jay. 2 - Beyonce wears ten different outfits in this video. I counted. Why does she need so many outfits? Is Tina Knowles hurting for work, and was just itchin' to make some pretty dresses? And 2a - why so many gloves? What fashion statement is Beyonce trying to make? I think some of the clothes she wears in this video are stunning (the insane "tribal" skirt featured in this picture is not) and she should have just stuck with three or four. But then, that wouldn't be a very Beyonce thing to do, now would it?

Deja Vu - B-

The 3-Day (a real post)

Since I got back from the 3-Day, people have been asking me "Did you have fun?" the best way I can answer that is NO. It wasn't fun! C'mon, what did you expect? It was awesome and inspiring, but fun it wasn't.
The gory details: we slept in teeny tiny tents. We walked over 20 miles a day the first two days. People got taken to the hospital on the first day. One of my teammates' foot swelled up so big that it was twice the size of her other foot, and she got blisters between every single toe. It was hot. I didn't drink any coffee. And, as you've all been wanting to know, I had to take the bus back to camp the second day, because every part of my body below my waist was in major pain and I just couldn't walk five more miles. So, in actuality I walked 54 miles for breast cancer, not 60. Oh, and another one of my teammates wet her pants WHILE SHE WAS WALKING. It was a little gruesome. The line outside the medical tent was about an hour long, and the lines outside the mobile showers were even longer.
But, it was still amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing. Should I start with the super butch girl, spiky hair dyed bright neon pink, with the big pink ribbon tattooed on her calf, who got picked up the first day after only nine miles but was back out on the trail every other day, even though it was obvious she was struggling? (by the way, that tattoo also said "MOM") Or the woman in the middle of treatment, who got pushed in a wheelchair by whoever she could find who'd push her when she got tired? Or all the people from the communities who came out with spray mist bottles and icy pops, just to support thousands of strangers?

So, 54 miles and over four thousand dollars. Beat that, suckers. I am invincible!

The 3-Day - A-, but if I can ever get my leg pain and sunburn to go away, up to an A

Monday, August 14, 2006

First Walk Update

Yes, I'm back. It was good. I have to get ready for work now, but I'll write all about it soon!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm Off!

Sorry to write so many posts right in a row, but I'm headed out the the Breast Cancer 3-Day! I won't be back until Sunday evening. Think of me and my poor little feet, which will most likely be shredded by the end of this.

By the way, you can still donate -

Project Runway

This was a great episode. I feel like I got to know the designers better. The competition is hetaing up!

Now, as much as I love Michael, and he's definitely my favorite, and I loved his outfit and want him to win so bad, Laura's outfit was my most favorite last night. Camilla turned the corner and I thought "Yes, modern Katherine Hepburn, of course." Those high-waisted pants are a knockout. Nate said he couldn't believe that she wasn't in the top three, and I agree. This look is fierce.

Project Runway - A

This Just In:

My blog is Jesus approved!

Yesterday, my friend Meggie was at her cottage in Wisconsin, and the only place where she could get free wireless Internet access was a Christian bookstore. Well, the Internet service has some sort of filter on it; the system set up a series of points from 0-100 - if your website goes over 100 points, it's blocked. The points are triggered by a series of words set up by the webmaster.

You'll all be happy to know that naivehelga did NOT set off the filter's points system... but Chargenda and Boomtacular did. They each received a total of 130 points. Way to go, fellas!

Now, to foil the filter: Gay. Dick. Fuck. Fag. Cheerleader. Tits.

naivehelga's Jesus approval - A+!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Call Me Coco

OK, I'm kind of a label whore. Even though I wish I could look good in thrift clothes (but my huge bazongs sort of prevent that), there's something very appealing to me about designer labels. However, what I want and what I can afford are two very different things. So, I look at pictures of expensive things and long for the day when I can drop three hundred bucks on a purse. Or, you know, find something really expensive at only a fraction of the actual cost (c'mon, TJ Maxx).

Well, yesterday, my very expensive ship came in. I was at work, walking to the bank with my manager for added safety (for him, not for me - he was carrying the money) and I made an off-hand comment about how I was test-driving some sunglasses that I found at Interlochen, but they were too slippy and kept sliding down my nose. Well, my manager said, "Oh, there are some Chanel sunglasses in the office from the lost and found - you can try those on when we get back." I said "Seriously? Chanel sunglasses?" and he said, "Well, they might be Coach... some designer that starts with a 'C'." I was kind of freaking out on the inside - free designer sunglasses that some rich Ann Arbor lady wil never come looking for? Sign me up!

Long story short - they are Chanel. And they look fabulous on me. I sort of look like a very fat Mary-Kate Olson. They don't look like that picture at all, but it was the best I could do. So, thanks, job - I owe you one!

sweet new sunglasses - A- (I'm afraid I might have to give them back)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Sometimes, I really, really hate Nate. Why, you ask? Because he looks so good in clothes from thrift stores - Salvation Army, Goodwill, random stores supporting various local charities, that sort of thing. Take, for example, this gem. Nate just got this at Salvation Army this weekend. There's no way he paid more than five dollars for this shirt... but look at how amazing it is. What are those, dingoes? Cougars? No matter. This shirt is awesome. If I were to wear a shirt like this, I'd look ridiculous, but Nate looks totally hot. He pulls off thrift wear like no one else can. I sort of hate that he can look so good for such a little amount of money. Damn him and his style!

super awesome thrift wear - B+

(detail view of the shirt)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Terror on the Streets

Today I was trying to get something from my car before a rehearsal started, and I only had a few minutes, so the director said "You can take my bike." His bike is legendary, so I thought, What fun! I'll ride the bike to my car and it will just take a minute! What a brilliant plan!

Except I haven't ridden a bike in years. And it was terrifying. Plus, this bike is old, and clunky, and has really awkward handlebars. I thought I was going to fall off the bike and get run over by a car. It was truly the scariest experience of my summer.

crazy bike riding - D+ (points for the exhiliration of fear)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jekyll and Hyde

This post will probably cement my place in Hell. See, I feel that I shouldn't knock high school theatre, particularly high school theatre presented at the nation's premiere arts camp, but Jekyll and Hyde was not the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I think that most of the blame can be placed on the musical itself - the cast did the best they could with what they were given, which was super repetitive and very dramatic. Worse than that, though, was the sound, also not the kids' fault. The mics were just way too loud, and I was about 23 rows from the stage. The singers were good, but they were so loud it was painful... but when a soloist was singing over the whole chorus, you couldn't hear the soloist. Bad.

I hate to say it, but the worst part of the show for me was the Jekyll/Hyde difference. The kid who played J/H had long hair - which is fine. It worked. But his "Jekyll" hair was in a ponytail, and his "Hyde" hair was down. So it was good guy ponytail, bad guy hair down. There were times when he would undergo a "transformation" on stage by pulling his hair out of the ponytail. Also, when he was Hyde, he wore a cloak. No cloak as Jekyll. I don't blame the kid - he was very, very very good. I don't blame the director, either - he's brilliant. I just think it's the nature of the show - how else can you show an instantaneous transformation? But it was comical. "Oh, no, he's wearing a cloak and his hair's down! Run for your lives!"

Jekyll and Hyde - C+

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway

Well, this week's episode should have been really dramatic, but it was kind of weak. I read some of the comments on Tim Gunn's blog, and someone said something to the effect of "too many team challenges." I agree. I feel like I'm not getting to know the designers because they're always working together (OK, not always, but two out of four weeks? That's a little much for me). I think that Angela's win was heavily influenced by Laura and Michael, which is great - you know I love Michael. I was very happy to see him featured a little more this week. Anyway, Angela's design was sleek, I suppose, but a little kooky. I'm not really into cropped jackets. But at least she got those rosettes under control, and they were actually a very nice addition to the design.

The Keith thing was sort of a letdown. I was expecting something huge and scandalous. Instead, I just got sad and wimpy. Keith, why would you keep something that was on the contraband list, when you're obviously a talented designer who didn't need that crutch? Not smart, buddy.

Project Runway - B

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How To Be Good

I finished reading How To Be Good by Nick Hornby today. I had started reading at my friend Shannon's house (when I was on my mini-vacay to Kalamazoo), but I picked it up again at the used book store in town. I remembered it being darkly funny and, truth be told, I'm a little tired of my summer teen lit reading list. Well, this book was a big departure from fluffy teen lit, for sure. It's darkly funny, all right, but more "dark" than "funny." And it really didn't end well. I was shocked, actually. I turned the page, expecting to see another chapter, and when I realized that it was in fact the end of the book, I honestly thought "That's it? That can't be it." But it was. That's never happened to me before.

This book revolves around the relationship of a husband and wife on the verge of a divorce. The wife is a doctor, and therefore is a "good" person, but her husband undergoes a sort of spiritual revelation, and he wants to be a "good" person, too, but his efforts are drastic and they drive a big wedge into the family. It's pretty funny in some passages, but really not funny at all in other parts. I think that whoever read this book for USA Today and said "Hilarious" might be a little off in the head.

This is the first time I've read Nick Hornby... is he always like this?

How To Be Good - C

I Taught Them Everything They Know

Me and my big thighs are teaching that class!

pictures at - B

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I also don't like Bratz. Bratz are way worse than Barbies. They're supposed to be girls, but they are super slutty, and they look like they've had collagen injections in their lips. Oh, and no noses - wtf? Also, the Bratz dolls have removable feet. The whole foot comes off, rather than just the shoe. That grosses me out.

Bratz - F


So I got lunch at Subway today, because it's really damn hot and I wanted to eat someplace air-conditioned. This mom came in with her two kids, a boy and a girl, and it was like those kids were in their own house - and not a well-disciplined house. They were running and screaming and touching everything while the mom was ordering at the counter. At one point, the boy picked up a bag of KC Masterpiece BBQ chips, and was carrying them around. The mom said, "Put those back - we have that kind at home." At least three times she said this to him. So what did he do? He opened the chips. Yes he did. I think this is the point where I would have said "OK, we'll take the chips, but that's it, and we're going home." That's what my parents did to me when I was little and had a tantrum in public. They'd just leave the cart full of groceries or the dinner, still hot, on the restaurant table.

Oh, and the kid was wearing a t-shirt and diaper, but looked like he was about three.

Moms, don't hate me, but those kids needed a good spanking.

out-of-control kids - D