Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So I got lunch at Subway today, because it's really damn hot and I wanted to eat someplace air-conditioned. This mom came in with her two kids, a boy and a girl, and it was like those kids were in their own house - and not a well-disciplined house. They were running and screaming and touching everything while the mom was ordering at the counter. At one point, the boy picked up a bag of KC Masterpiece BBQ chips, and was carrying them around. The mom said, "Put those back - we have that kind at home." At least three times she said this to him. So what did he do? He opened the chips. Yes he did. I think this is the point where I would have said "OK, we'll take the chips, but that's it, and we're going home." That's what my parents did to me when I was little and had a tantrum in public. They'd just leave the cart full of groceries or the dinner, still hot, on the restaurant table.

Oh, and the kid was wearing a t-shirt and diaper, but looked like he was about three.

Moms, don't hate me, but those kids needed a good spanking.

out-of-control kids - D


Anonymous said...

Yes M'am they did. I agree.


mama kay said...


patrick said...

I like mine on a wheat bun with some mustard, served with an ice cold beer.

Peach said...

I agree.
Spank the kid and put some clothes on him.

bethro said...

once again, i agree with everyone here. except for the beer part. beer is nasty . . .lol