Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Runway

This was a great episode. I feel like I got to know the designers better. The competition is hetaing up!

Now, as much as I love Michael, and he's definitely my favorite, and I loved his outfit and want him to win so bad, Laura's outfit was my most favorite last night. Camilla turned the corner and I thought "Yes, modern Katherine Hepburn, of course." Those high-waisted pants are a knockout. Nate said he couldn't believe that she wasn't in the top three, and I agree. This look is fierce.

Project Runway - A

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Chargenda said...

Yes, she does look great, but I wouldn't call it fierce. It looks like something I saw during my lunch break today in Neiman Marcus. Nothing too original about it. But, I do still sort of love her.

And it was total BS that the model who got kicked out left just because her name wasn't picked out a bag.