Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway

What a great episode! I loved it. It was so awesome to have a challenge with "real women" as models, and the moms/sisters were adorable. Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think having the designers not design for their own family member was a good choice. How many of those designers do you think have already designed clothes for their family member? Probably all of them. It was good to have a "challenge." But did anyone else notice that all of the "skinny" moms went first? First out was Robert's sister - she's young and thin. Then were Jeff's mom, who was thin and fashionable, then Uli's mom, who was thin and fashionable, then Laura's mom, who wasn't actually thin but certainly wasn't fat. The designers who chose those women were trying to stick with what they knew they could work with... and who can blame them?
On to the clothes: I think the only reason Vincent won was because he reined in his craziness. I think his meds finally evened out. Seriously - he was borderline normal this week. But the dress? Not awesome. I think it showed off Uli's mom's tummy a little too much. I could see the little pooch, which is never good.
But Uli's design and Michael's designs were phenomenal! How could they have not won? OK, how could ONE of them not won? They look so good. Yes, Michael had the young thin pretty model, but that's a fabulous dress. It would look good on just about anyone. Oh, and Teresa worked it on that runway. You know Robert had her modeling from the moment she could walk. And Uli's design for Kayne's mom is wonderful. She looks so pretty, and the two prints are really gorgeous together.
I'm so sad to see Robert go. I really liked him, but he had slipped into a rut and he just couldn't get out. Maybe he'll be one of those designers who get more publicity because he didn't win. Good luck Robert, I'll miss you - and your fabulous catty comments.

Project Runway - A


Ashley said...

You know how you gave up on American Idol? That's kinda how I'm feeling about PR now. I still love it, and some of the designers that deserve to be there are still there, but I feel like the judging is WAY off. Once the models come out, the judges seem to forget the challenge, and instead just decide what they "like." Alison's dress last week was INNOVATIVE. Vincent's was a MESS. As Tim Gunn says, it all comes down to taste, but I'm seriously questioning their tastes.

I really feel that Robert tried to make his client happy, and that wasn't really recognized, while Jeffery did no such thing and completely berated his client. And Vincent Wins? Please. Uli totally deserved to win (not that I didn't love Michaels). She made her client happy, she dressed and actual "real woman" and she looked super sharp.

amandarama said...

The general consensus is that Uli was robbed. At least it was her mom wearing Vincent's dress.

Chargenda said...

There have been too many decisions that have viewers pissed. I agree.

bethro said...

I want that dress! It might actually be flattering on me!!

mama kay said...

This is so interesting to me, since I can't actually watch it ... I have read several *reports* about this episode ... pretty mixed reviews.
The lady in the first picture, at first glance, looked like Candy Spelling to me.

queenb2u said...

I love the idea that they had to design for the moms. I wish they would design something for me- now that would be a REAL CHALLENGE. I bet the show would get a new set of viewers.;)