Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's That Time of Year

Late August is a crazy time in a college town. On one hand, there's this influx of new people, trying to figure out what's going on in their new town; on the other hand, there are tons of people leaving as they make their way to the next stage of their lives. I work with a lot of college kids, and the last two weeks have had no resemblance to the rest of the year. Three people left last week, and one more is out at the end of this week... but the people who left for the summer aren't back and the new hires haven't been hired yet. It's unsettling.

All the best to those of you on your way to something new, and to all of us doing the same thing this year that we did last year - hang in there.

leaving/arriving - B-

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Bethro said...

I can relate to this. I live in a college town. There are not one, not two, but THREE colleges in Conway. Our population at least doubles in size every August, and then halves in May. I have to say I'm not looking forward to the traffic.