Thursday, November 30, 2006


Otherwise known as wedding # 45!

Saturday was Dad and Barbara's wedding, and it was lovely. For all the weddings I've attended, I've never been to an at-home wedding, and lucky me, I got to sit down in the front row. Those other poor saps had to stand - HA! The ceremony was nice and short, probably because of said poor saps. The bride wore black, which is hot.

After the ceremony, there was tiny feasting and revelry. With an at-home ceremony and reception, there's no way to do a big sit down dinner with hours of dancing afterward, so the revelry was more along the lines of hearty hors d'ouevres and chatting. I liked it, though. As much as I love the big hoo-ha, something a little more intimate is refreshing. Plus, I knew just about everyone there: cousins, Dad's work people, former neighbors, so there was only a little awkward staring and asking "Who's that?"

Oh, and the cake was sublime. For real. It was definitely the best wedding cake I have EVER had. And remember, I've been to 45 weddings. The cake itself was a delicious moist white cake with a nice little raspberry ribbon holding the two layers together, but what made this cake so incredible was the frosting. It was perfect. You know how most wedding cakes have that gross chewy fondant frosting that looks really beautiful but tastes like ass? Not this cake! No sirree! This frosting was impeccable, the right amount of creamy vs. the right amount of sugary. I could have eaten this cake all day.

The bride and groom, looking all sassy and casual a few hours afer the wedding.

My sister-in-law, the sinner.

My brother, the saint.

Dad and Barbara - A

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Day After.

We started the day after Thanksgving with leftovers at Tom and Kathy's. Here are the wonder twins in their black sweaters getting ready for warmed-up everything.
Thanksgiving day leftovers - A - truly. I like the leftovers better than the day-of food. Not for mashed potatoes, but for everything else. The day after Thanksgiving is quite possibly the only day of the year when I am completely happy eating leftovers.

After that, the "kids" had some alone time, and we experienced customer service at its finest at a Walgreens in Edmond. I think the ladies in the toiletries section were super bored, because Natalie and I got asked if we needed any help no less than twelve times. She was buying face soap. I was buying shaving cream. We were in and out in less than five minutes. Those poor, poor toiletries ladies.
Walgreens - B-

After THAT, we made a quick run to the pants store. That's what I call Ann Taylor Loft. When you're built like me, all boobs and ass, you learn fairly quickly which stores will have things that fit you and which stores won't. Ann Taylor Loft is one of those stores with things that fit me - specifically, pants. Big butt + short legs = pants from Ann Taylor Loft. Thank you, Lord, for Ann Taylor Loft.

new pants - A+

And after THAT, we had the quickest cocktail ever at Coach's. We were thirsty. I had a Bloody Mary. I don't usually drink Bloody Marys, but I felt like having a drink with a little meat to it, not my typical frou-frou cranberry-and-anything concoction (I'm very into cranberry juice). My Bloody Mary was pretty good, by my standards, but there was a lot of peppery chunkiness to it. I don't really like having to pick big specks off my tongue when I'm having a drink. Just so you know.
Coach's - B-

And then, after that, Dad, Barbara, Pat, Nat, Barbara's college roommate Annie and I all went out to dinner at this Mexican place called Ted's. I didn't think Ted was really a Hispanic name, but whatever. Dad said Ted's served some of the best Mexican food in Edmond. It's possible that's true, but after an hour and a half wait, I gorged myself on chips, salsa, and delectable cheese dip until I had practically no room for the real food. What I had was tasty, but certainly not the best Mexican food I've ever had. Maybe I'll give it another shot, when the wait time is lower and I don't fill up on the free goodies.
Ted's did ply us with alcohol - here's Annie with her enormous beer.

Ted's - B

Happy Thanksgiving!

Man, am I busy. I'm trying to work my way through last week, but it's slow going.
So, on Thursday, Dad and Barbara and I picked up Pat & Nat from the airport, came home for a quick rest, then went to my cousins' for a big ol' Thanksgiving dinner. It was good family fun - Tom, Cathy, Chauncey, Jennifer, Pat, Nat, Dad, Barbara and me. Wheee! The turkey was delicious, but the dressing was not my favorite. I like a dressing (known as "stuffing" to Yankees) with more of a cornbread base, dressing with some substance, and this one was too crumbly for my liking. My favorite part of the meal was the broccoli/cheesy rice casserole. Totally scrumptious.

Here's a picture of my dad carving up the turkey carcass after dinner. Yum.

family Thanksgiving - B+

Monday, November 27, 2006

Last Wednesday

So much happened over last five days, I'm going to break it down for you day by day. Brace yourselves.
Last Wednesday, I flew to OKC for a whole slew of festivities. My first stop was at Kris and Peter's new house. You might remember K & P (and the Donkbra) from my New Year's post. Well, they have a new fabulous house, and since I won't be at their house this New Year's, I had to go over and check it out and have a cocktail. The house was awesome. So was the beer. And so especially was the Donkbra. He had a new sign and everything.
I love Kris and Peter. I hope they come visit me soon.
Kris and Peter - A

After that, I went to my dad's NEW HOUSE! It was... big. Really big. And awesome, don't get me wrong, but really, really big. I could easily fit six or seven of my apartment into his house. This is picture of the entryway - high ceiling, beautiful tiles, gorgeous artwork, pretty banister. How do you spell bannister?
But that's just the entryway. There's also the library, formal living and dining rooms, master bedroom with humongous bathroom and closet, kitchen with eating area, family room, pantry, powder room, laundry room, and a super sexy guest bedroom. And... that's the downstairs. Upstairs is a computer room with bathroom, guest room (my room) with bathroom, and a kick-ass media room with huge screen and amazing sound capabilites. Well, they'll be amazing after Dad fixes the broken speakers.
Dad's new house - B+ (sort of big for just two people, and I did get lost my first night there, but it's totally gorgeous)

After the tour, Dad and Barbara and I went to FlaTire Burgers in Edmond for dinner. I have a problem with the name of this restaurant. FlaTire? Do you mean Flat Tire? Yeah, that's what I thought. My cheeseburger and onion rings were completely delicious, but later that night, I had some real bad dreams, and my tummy hurt all night. I'd wake up from the bad dream and clutch my stomach and moan and writhe around a little bit, then fall back asleep. Contrary to popular belief, I don't eat like that all the time, and I think my little stummy was not happy with me.
FlaTire Burgers - C

There's Wednesday. Stay tuned for Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Break A Leg

I know that blogging about dreams is lame, but I have to share this one with you. The other night, I dreamt that I was the understudy for Idina Menzel in Wicked - but I was way underrehearsed and only had green makeup on my face and not on my arms. Thankfully, Idina was there to talk me through it. Why she couldn't go on, I don't know, but I was terrified and I was waiting for the three songs from Wicked that I know really well.

I woke up very disconcerted and unhappy.

the actor's version of that dream where you're really not ready for a test - C- (points for singing on Broadway!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet Nectar of the Gods

McDonald's breakfast is so good. I could eat it all day - except in real life I could only eat it until 11 AM. Which sucks. Also, I could probably only eat it all day for about three days. Then I would crave broccoli.

My favorite McDonald's breakfast is the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit meal, with a pipin' hot hashbrown and a small Sprite. I get the Sprite because doctoring up the coffee to my liking would take too long, especially in a drive-thru setting.

I might have McDonald's breakfast tomorrow. And I just had it on Sunday. Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

McDonald's breakfast - B+

Monday, November 20, 2006

Yous a Ho

Because Scott responded to my homework post, he requested that I write about his Pimps and Hos party before the fact - so I could tell you what I really thought of the idea. But I never got around to it. Sot let me start by saying that I was really, really excited about it. I had never been to a pimps and hos party before, and I bought a new (slutty) dress and pantyhose and nail polish and everything. The pre-grade is definitely an A.

While the actual night of the party didn't quite live up to my expectations, it's no one's fault but mine. As you can see from this photo, Scott looked amazing. If by amazing you mean "freakish and scary and a little disturbing", then he certainly was amazing. This picture does not do his outfit justice. Matching lingerie, fishnet hose, and knee-high platform pleather boots? Check, check and check. He really did look great. Big props to Scott having the cojones to wear that outfit out in public. No, the downfall of the night was all my own. I went as a "high-class callgirl." Before we left the house, I looked stunning. Within five minutes, my hair was totally flat, and there were lots of other girls who obviously had put much more time and effort into their looks. Also, I've discovered that, no matter how hard I try, I do not look at all cute when I pucker my lips and give the camera a kiss. Basically, I was a dud. Well, you live and learn. Whatever next year's theme, I'm gonna go all out.
And yes, as Scott alluded to in the comment he left on my last post, I did get drunk, and I did throw up in Scott's sister's side yard. These things happen. I'd much rather throw up the night of than be all hungover the morning after.

the Pimps and Hos party - A- (mostly my fault, but also, there should have been more pimps there - it was pretty much just a ho party, with one or two pimps thrown in for effect)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering...

I haven't been writing because I was hoping more people would leave comments on my last post, about helping me with my homework. Seeing as that assignment is due tomorrow (and yes, I'm still working on it), I don't expect anyone else to respond. Boo. I'll be back to my regular schedule of posting every day or two tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Help Me With My Homework


For my Writing, Style, and Technology class, I have to analyze the writings of a community of writers - why they write the way they do, do the writings follow standard convention, and the politics of writing. Of course, I'm looking at bloggers.

More specifically, gay bloggers.

Why gay bloggers, you ask? Because I know them, and I read them, and I think they have something to say. So, to ALL of you bloggers and blog readers out there, here are my interview questions. Please answer them. I need an A in this class.

to the bloggers:
what makes a gay blog?
why did you start your blog?
what are you trying to say?
what are some of your favorite blogs (of any kind)?

to the readers:
what makes a gay blog?
why do you read this blog?
what about this blog appeals to you?
how do you know that this blogger is gay?

Now, I'm not trying to out anybody, and I'm not trying to enforce any stereotypes, so you just read/write the blogs you normally do, and if you want to leave an anonymous comment, you go right ahead. If you're a gay blogger who wants people to read his/her blog, add a link in your comment.

Thanks, friends. I promise I won't draw you into my world of academia again. And here's a little bribe - if you respond to these questions in any fashion, I will take a request and blog about a subject of your choice. Think of the possibilities!

homework - C
you helping me with my homework - A+

Friday, November 10, 2006

As most of you know, Nate and I met on It was kind of scary, putting myself out there like that, but it paid off in the long run.

It's been about two and half years since I logged in to, but last night, I was telling one of my work pals about it and had to show her what Match is all about. See , she needs a boyfriend, and she was asking me all about Nate, and when I told her we met through, she couldn't believe it. She's never been to Match, so I tried to tell her about it, but she just wasn't getting it. So - I logged in. Actually, I created a whole new log-in name and email so that she could see what Match was all about.

Two things came to mind. One: I am so glad I don't have to look for a man in the Detroit area. Sure, there were some sketchy guys in the Grand Traverse region, but not nearly as many as down here. Two: is FUN! It's really fun and kind of addictive to see all those profiles that guys put out there in the hope of finding a lady. I like to read the stuff the guys actually wrote, not the checkboxes that they filled in. My pal and I thought we had found the perfect guy for her - tall, Catholic, orthopedic surgery resident - but under his turnoffs, he had listed "tattoos" - and my pal is all about her super sexy tattoos. (Perhaps someday I will write about good vs. bad tattoos.) So we had to ax him. At this point, no contact has been made between my buddy and any of the fine gentlemen of, but I'll keep you posted. - B+ (A for Nate, C for creeps and geeks)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Breaking Celebrity News!

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are STILL TOGETHER! The press is stunned! No one saw this coming! 48 years of Oscar nominations and salad dressing, and they're still kicking it - tell everyone you know!

celebrities staying together - A+

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ride That Pony, Harry!

(Special thanks to Timmy D, who informed me of this wonderment.)

(AP) The world knows him as boy wizard Harry Potter. Now, Daniel Radcliffe wants the world to see him differently.
Next summer, the 17-year-old will take to a London stage in the Tony Award-winning drama "Equus" and will perform nude during one scene, Newsweek magazine reported in editions hitting newsstands Monday. "Part of me wants to shake up people's perception of me, just shove me in a blender," he told the magazine in an exclusive interview on the set of the fifth Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." "It's a really challenging play, and if I can pull it off — we don't know if I can yet — I hope people will stop and think, 'Maybe he can do something other than Harry,' " he said.
In "Equus," Radcliffe will play a "troubled young man with a religious-erotic obsession with horses," the magazine reported.

"Hello, Emma? Hey, it's me, Daniel... Daniel Radcliffe? From the five movies we've made togeth... yes, that Daniel! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm appearing in a play that I'm totally not qualified to be in, and wondered if you could give me some advice... well, it's Equus... I don't know, something about horses... right, right... mm-hmmm... mm-hmmm... right. Just get naked. I can do that! Thanks, Em!... Right, right, Miss Watson, sorry, I forgot. Well, bye."

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus - D

Monday, November 06, 2006

All I Want For Christmas Is...

This. The "Carry On" carry-on. Available from I have to have it. Have. To. Have. It. It's a Tim Gunn-inspired tote bag emblazoned with his signature phrase. Oh, how I long for it!

the "Carry On" carry-on - A+

I'm About To Swear

So brace yourselves.

Fuck you, AOL. Do not show this picture with the headline "Murder Most Desperate" and the blurb "Housewives one fewer." NOT okay. I know what you wanted me to think. You suck.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Way To Go, Other Team!

Awright! Neil Patrick "Doogie Hoswer" Harris came out! Do you think maybe he's dating TR Knight?

Just so everyone knows, I truly love gay men. In case you couldn't tell. I probably was a gay man in another life.

Neil Patrick Harris - A - why not?


You know how, at the Academy Awards, there's always someone who wins who gets up on stage and says "Wow, this is heavy?" Wel, they're right. Oscars are heavy. I know.

I JUST HELD AN OSCAR. A real one, not one of those fakes you can buy on Hollywood Blvd.

Why exactly my theater had an Oscar today, I don't know. But we did. And it was in my office for a few minutes.

And now I can check one more thing off my "must do" list. Because I got to hold a real live Oscar, bitches!

my rendezvous with Oscar - A+

Thursday, November 02, 2006

But Is It Aesthetically Pleasing?

Nina Garcia's having a baby! Yay for her. I can only imagine that all the past Project Runway designers will send her some fabulous maternity wear. I can also predict that maternity wear will be a season 4 challenge - they'll just pop those models in fake pregnancy bellies. And maybe they'll have to make a little matching outfit for a baby. Oooh, it's going to be so cute!

Nina's bebe - A
Nina maybe becoming a little softer and less mean now that she's going to be a mommy - B- (PR needs her snarkiness)