Monday, November 13, 2006

Help Me With My Homework


For my Writing, Style, and Technology class, I have to analyze the writings of a community of writers - why they write the way they do, do the writings follow standard convention, and the politics of writing. Of course, I'm looking at bloggers.

More specifically, gay bloggers.

Why gay bloggers, you ask? Because I know them, and I read them, and I think they have something to say. So, to ALL of you bloggers and blog readers out there, here are my interview questions. Please answer them. I need an A in this class.

to the bloggers:
what makes a gay blog?
why did you start your blog?
what are you trying to say?
what are some of your favorite blogs (of any kind)?

to the readers:
what makes a gay blog?
why do you read this blog?
what about this blog appeals to you?
how do you know that this blogger is gay?

Now, I'm not trying to out anybody, and I'm not trying to enforce any stereotypes, so you just read/write the blogs you normally do, and if you want to leave an anonymous comment, you go right ahead. If you're a gay blogger who wants people to read his/her blog, add a link in your comment.

Thanks, friends. I promise I won't draw you into my world of academia again. And here's a little bribe - if you respond to these questions in any fashion, I will take a request and blog about a subject of your choice. Think of the possibilities!

homework - C
you helping me with my homework - A+


Casey said...

Hmm, what makes a gay blog. Well, when two blogs of the same sex like eah other very much ... Kidding. I dunno. I guess if the writer of the blog is gay, or the subject matter is gay ... then you have a gay blog.

I started blogging 'cause of Dustin. I was on tour, and it was a nice outlet to vent some thoughts, and keep my friends all over the country in touch with what was going on.

Not really trying to make a point, just letting the world know the crazy things in my head. And, still informing my friends around the country what I'm up to.

Fav blogs - I'm all about finding the funny in our normal lives. Boomtacular is hilarious.

oh, checkie my gay blog. It came out just like Neil Patrick!

shannon said...

Seriously, I wisk I got to have fun homework assignments like you Amanda...

Ashley said...

Shan-since when do you wisk homework assignments? Have you enrolled in culinary school of late?

amandarama said...

OK, ladies, thanks for the comments, but let's get back on track. Gay blogs - any thoughts?

And thanks, Casey - I will now honor your request for a blog topic!

equippedtofascinate said...

what makes a gay blog? I'm not sure that you can stereotype a blog as gay. I suppose if the writer is gay and writes about homosexual experiences, the blog would be considered a gay blog. However, the "gay blogs" that I read don't stick simply to the gay formula. They deal with all sorts of day to day experiences.
why did you start your blog? You told me to. I was on the phone with you last August, and you told me of your new hobby. I asked you what website to go to in order to start a blog, and behold, equippedtofascinate. the world has never been the same.
what are you trying to say? I'm not normally trying to say anything. I rarely give my opinion on anything important and censor myself constantly. My blog is basically a creative outlet where I share unimportant events from my life. It's a way for me to let my family and friends know what's going on, as well as a way for me to document small things in my life so I don't forget them later. The good stuff goes in my journal though.
what are some of your favorite blogs (of any kind)? I'm a suck up, but my favorite blog is yours. I enjoy the randomness of it, and the fact that you're willing to take on any subject(friends week!).

Now, my request is a grade on the upcoming party, before it happens. I want to know how you really feel about being able to dress like a ho in a bar, and seeing me again after a few months. I can't wait till Saturday!

Casey said...

Hmm, I don't know what I want you to write about, so just get a really fun and festive topic, and dedicate it to me!

TK1 the only one... said...

So how did you do in your assignment?