Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ride That Pony, Harry!

(Special thanks to Timmy D, who informed me of this wonderment.)

(AP) The world knows him as boy wizard Harry Potter. Now, Daniel Radcliffe wants the world to see him differently.
Next summer, the 17-year-old will take to a London stage in the Tony Award-winning drama "Equus" and will perform nude during one scene, Newsweek magazine reported in editions hitting newsstands Monday. "Part of me wants to shake up people's perception of me, just shove me in a blender," he told the magazine in an exclusive interview on the set of the fifth Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." "It's a really challenging play, and if I can pull it off — we don't know if I can yet — I hope people will stop and think, 'Maybe he can do something other than Harry,' " he said.
In "Equus," Radcliffe will play a "troubled young man with a religious-erotic obsession with horses," the magazine reported.

"Hello, Emma? Hey, it's me, Daniel... Daniel Radcliffe? From the five movies we've made togeth... yes, that Daniel! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm appearing in a play that I'm totally not qualified to be in, and wondered if you could give me some advice... well, it's Equus... I don't know, something about horses... right, right... mm-hmmm... mm-hmmm... right. Just get naked. I can do that! Thanks, Em!... Right, right, Miss Watson, sorry, I forgot. Well, bye."

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus - D


christa said...

I'm kinda upset that there are no comments for this post. I was looking forward to reading some really funny stuff. But what is there to say? Harry Potter naked.... ewwww.

Bethro said...

Grosso. That's it. Just plain old gross-O!