Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Day After.

We started the day after Thanksgving with leftovers at Tom and Kathy's. Here are the wonder twins in their black sweaters getting ready for warmed-up everything.
Thanksgiving day leftovers - A - truly. I like the leftovers better than the day-of food. Not for mashed potatoes, but for everything else. The day after Thanksgiving is quite possibly the only day of the year when I am completely happy eating leftovers.

After that, the "kids" had some alone time, and we experienced customer service at its finest at a Walgreens in Edmond. I think the ladies in the toiletries section were super bored, because Natalie and I got asked if we needed any help no less than twelve times. She was buying face soap. I was buying shaving cream. We were in and out in less than five minutes. Those poor, poor toiletries ladies.
Walgreens - B-

After THAT, we made a quick run to the pants store. That's what I call Ann Taylor Loft. When you're built like me, all boobs and ass, you learn fairly quickly which stores will have things that fit you and which stores won't. Ann Taylor Loft is one of those stores with things that fit me - specifically, pants. Big butt + short legs = pants from Ann Taylor Loft. Thank you, Lord, for Ann Taylor Loft.

new pants - A+

And after THAT, we had the quickest cocktail ever at Coach's. We were thirsty. I had a Bloody Mary. I don't usually drink Bloody Marys, but I felt like having a drink with a little meat to it, not my typical frou-frou cranberry-and-anything concoction (I'm very into cranberry juice). My Bloody Mary was pretty good, by my standards, but there was a lot of peppery chunkiness to it. I don't really like having to pick big specks off my tongue when I'm having a drink. Just so you know.
Coach's - B-

And then, after that, Dad, Barbara, Pat, Nat, Barbara's college roommate Annie and I all went out to dinner at this Mexican place called Ted's. I didn't think Ted was really a Hispanic name, but whatever. Dad said Ted's served some of the best Mexican food in Edmond. It's possible that's true, but after an hour and a half wait, I gorged myself on chips, salsa, and delectable cheese dip until I had practically no room for the real food. What I had was tasty, but certainly not the best Mexican food I've ever had. Maybe I'll give it another shot, when the wait time is lower and I don't fill up on the free goodies.
Ted's did ply us with alcohol - here's Annie with her enormous beer.

Ted's - B


equippedtofascinate said...

You call me and leave a message telling me to call you back, don't answer when I call, and still haven't called? I'm offended.

amandarama said...

Easy, trigger...

Ashlee said...

I don't have much to say, other than I LOVE Nat's hair...flawless. That girl can rock maroon hair. Work it, Nat!

PS hi Amanda- I'm so glad we talked last night!

Senora Fuerte said...

Thanks for the compliment on my hair-- I AM enjoying the maroon! :)

Amanda, that is the CUTEST photo of us from the entire trip. Thank you for sharing!

Frannie Farmer said...

I like the occasional Bloody Mary - usually when I am in Vegas .. ok well that was 1995 .. but hey I liked it then.
Dang, that beer is huge. I could drink it, but only on a hot summer day - that seems like a long, long, long way off at the moment.

Erin said...

no wonder stuff from Ann Taylor Loft never fits the way I want it to - since I have basically no boobs and no ass to speak of! I'm glad it works for someone - it's such cute stuff!