Sunday, October 02, 2005


Just so everyone is clear, Ashlee spelled her name that way long before Ashlee Simpson ever showed up. Got it?

Here's what I love about Ashlee: she's hilarious and she knows it. If she weren't so pretty and didn't have such an amazing voice, she could be a stand-up comedienne, but alas, it is her lot in life to be an opera diva. With Ashlee, everything is an inside joke. You're either in or you're out. She has a mind like a steel trap, and once something has made an impression on her and she's connected it to a person, that thing and that person are forever linked. I really like this about her. It makes me (and everyone else lucky enough to be Ashlee's friend) feel special.

If Scott's my childish friend, then Ashlee is my up-for-anything friend. Here's a short list of things we've done together: auditioned for a movie; went riverboat gambling; went to Graceland; attended a church service led by the Rev. Al Green; cried at the Art Institute of Chicago; went to the Friendship Tea; toured the state of Arkansas with performances of Schoolhouse Rock Live... and there are many, many more. She's rad.

Ashlee - A+ (for those of you who are wondering about my grading system, let it be known that Ashlee is the ONLY one of my college friends to visit me in Michigan, so she got some extra credit)


Ashlee said...


I am honored...scratch that...HUMBLED to have been included in Miss Rama's Friend Week celebration. You never think this is actually going to happen to you, and when it does...Geez, I have so many people to thank...

Speaking of up-for-anything, we need another outing. I happen to have tickets to see Bea Arthur on October 15-wanna go? Teppei's out of town, and odds are that taking my boyfriend to see a Golden Girl is a bad idea anyway.

Have a lovely day, you people-grading bloggerette!

summerrenee said...

hehe!! Yay for Ashlee!!!

MacyFuckin'Helms said...

Amen Amanda! Ashlee is wonderful.
Miss you!

Jason Hunt said...

I will definitely agree. Ashlee is awesome! Know what, though? Mans is pretty awesome herself!!!