Friday, October 28, 2005

Madonna "Hung Up" Video

Our morning video exchange:
Amanda - "Wow, she is making love to that radio."
Nate - "Oh, she's not making love."
Madonna totally humps a stereo in this video. Super grind and super hump. I'm telling you what. But that's not all! She wears a sweet '80s dance outfit, has amazing back-up dancers, and samples an ABBA song. I love ABBA, more than I love Madonna, so this is super exciting for me.
What I like the most about this video is that it's not super-formulaic like most of the other videos I see in the morning. Sure, she dances with hot younger guys, and there's a shot of Madonna walking in rhythm to the music, but that's okay. I can handle that. And the song is good, too. It's nice when song and video line up in goodness.

"Hung Up" video - B+ (sure, it's good, but it's no "Like A Prayer" or "Express Yourself")


casey said...

She totally humped the radio!

PNSexplosion said...

She is so much hotter at 47 than she's ever been.
I like the part where she dances on the Dance Dance Revolution game at the end.

Dustin J. Harder said...

my fav is her on the dance dance revolution game as well!

me said...

hey, Madonna is GREAT!! but I just wonder! are there anyone who knows who that guy in hung up is? the "kitchen-guy"? with the white hat? answer!

Peach said...

It's nice to find someone who shares my affinity for ABBA.