Friday, October 28, 2005

Los Galanes

Finally. Good Mexican food. On yesterday's field trip, I and some others snuck away from the bakery (we were instructed to smell - hello? you can't put food in front of me and expect me to just smell!) and walked across the street to Los Galanes. I ordered tamales.. and they were perfect. My tamales came with rice and beans... and they were perfect, too. I almost cried on the bus, eating my delicious Mexican lunch. Even though the whole field trip was bizarre and a bust, my tamales carried me through. I'm not sure if they were good enough to merit a trip to Mexicantown, but if I'm ever back in that neck of the woods, I will stop there for sure, order something a little messier, and throw back a margarita or two.

Los Galanes - A-


paultoes said...

did you say margarita?... you let me know.

Chargenda said...

Amanda. Brady's uncle owns this place!

Dustin J. Harder said...

if you get to chicago anytime soon check out "fiesta mexicana". Awesome margaritas, a mariachi band, some nights spanish karaoke-its crazy! I love it.