Monday, October 17, 2005

Celebrity Blogs

Seems like everybody's blogging these days. As Erika Stephanie once said (and I'm really paraphrasing here), it's an Internet popularity contest - all the cool kids are doing it, and celebrities are no exception. And like all blogs, some are better than others. RuPaul - fun language, but not very exciting. Margaret Cho - very, very wordy; need more time to read in-depth, but so far, so good. Michael Moore - doesn't update often enough, and when he does... well, it's Michael Moore. Pamela Anderson - lame. Pete Townshend - good, but it's a novel, so it's not for everyone. Wil Wheaton (remember him from Star Trek: TNG and the movies Stand by Me and Toy Soldiers?) - surprisingly good. Forbes rates it the #1 celebrity blog, and I'm inclined to agree. He talks about some celebrity stuff, like being too busy to attend screenings, but mostly he talks about daliy life stuff. Way to go, Wil!

Point to ponder: if I come across celebrity blogs, does that mean that celebrities might come across MY blog?

Celebrity Blogs - B


Dustin J. Harder said...

Um...honestly, the only reason i have a blog is so I dont have to send out mass e-mails about tour anymore. I felt bad because i know some people would get my forwards and probably just delete them. SO! Now they only have to read about whats going on if they want to!

equippedtofascinate said...

Maybe the celebrities will come across your blog if you leave comments on theirs. Something to think about.

Timmy D said...

I don't think the celebrities are blogging. I think the celebrity clones are blogging. C'mon, do you really think *no one* has been cloned yet? That's right. And who are our most worthy cloning subjects?

paultoes said...

yes. wil wheaton. he must really be dedicated to his blog to continually write quality posts, what with his busy celebrity lifestyle and multiple movie projects in the works. how does he do it, how does he keep on giving us his celeb-reality?