Monday, October 31, 2005

City of Lost Children

I did not understand this movie. For those of you smarty-pantses out there who've seen it, maybe you can break it down for me. I mean, I got it - mad scientist, band of pickpocketing kids, simple yet enormous Russian searching for his kidnapped brother, Siamese twins - but I so did not get it all at the same time. There were just too many plots happening at once for me. I love a good subplot or two, but there were about six or seven in this movie, and not all of them resolved enough for me. Also, I'll have to disagree with those folks who say that this film is a visual masterpiece. There were interesting concepts, sure, but overall, it was just too muddy and brown. Finally, what was going on between Miette and Ron Perlman? They were kind of creepy close - I kept thinking they were going to make out.

City of Lost Children - D+

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amandarama said...

So, I'm guessing no one has seen this movie?