Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Million Little Pieces

This book is tough. The writing style is different, no real paragraphs and no punctuation other than periods, and the subject matter is really, really hard to handle at times - the passage about oral surgery without anesthesia or painkillers made all my pink parts crawl up inside. But it's really good, too. I've never read anything like it. I think it gives a real portrayal of what life as an addict is like, without any frills or happy endings. I still like Augusten Burroughs' rehab story better; it's just more entertaining. I think that's James Frey's point, though - rehab isn't fun or entertaining. It's brutal and awful.
This is Oprah's latest Book Club selection, which means that in about three months, there are going to be thousands of copies in used book stores. If you can hold out, you'll save a few bucks, and we can talk more about the book then.

A Million Little Pieces - A-


Dustin J. Harder said...

I cant stop hearing about this book. And I saw the guy on Oprah yesterday-crazy shit!

Chargenda said...

Yeah, I read this book about a year ago. It is really great, but I had read way too many rehab stories around that time. It is tough to read and surprised Oprah picked this book.