Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Bottom of the World

I just might have a new favorite blog - The Bottom of the World. Here's the story:

"The background: I have accepted a position as "Dining Room Attendant" at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, where I will be washing the dishes of National Science Foundation scientists. I will join about 1,000 other people on the station, where we'll live in dorm-like rooms, eat from a cafeteria, and share the same 24-hours of Antarctic sunlight. My first day will be October 1, where I'll fly from St. Louis to LA to Christchurch, New Zealand. After a one-day orientation, we'll all head down to McMurdo on a 7 hour flight. I won't leave again until February 28, 2006."

Erin, friend of my friend Tim, I salute you. In fact, I kind of want to be you.

Read The Bottom of the World - link from my blog coming very soon.

The Bottom of the World - A


Dustin J. Harder said...

that scares me

shannon said...

I think I would prefer the natural beauty in Ecuador or something. Five straight months below zero is my idea of living hell. I'm already cold and we haven't even had the first frost yet...

Popo said...

Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you're reading, and I'll take your advice and not post anything that I wouldn't want my father (or grandfather, for that matter!) to read.

Shannon - it's really not so bad, in terms of the cold. Today it even hit 18 degrees! Too bad I'm sick and spending today in the lounge (warmest room in the dorm) ... would have been a great day for hiking.