Monday, October 03, 2005

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

Have you seen this ad? The girl's on a date with this jackass, he's talking about how great he is, she pours herself a glass of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper... and suddenly, everyone in the commerical is singing Mahna Mahna from the Muppet Show, tilting their heads back and forth! It's awesome! The jackass sings "Mahna Mahna" and the customers all sing "Doot doo doo doo doo!" Sheer brilliance!

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper ad - A


Bethro said...

All I can think is, I can't believe she's ignoring that great guy for a DIET soda. Please, If it was regular cherry vanilla dr pepper, I'd be on board.

summerrenee said...

I love this commercial too!! Its hilarious. I read this post earlier today and was singing the song all day!!!

summerrenee said...

ok, other random stuff. Here's the link so you can watch the original Muppets' take on this song.

Dustin J. Harder said...

While I love the commercial-performing with Muppets everyday-everyone knows that little muppet diddy in my cast. If one of us sees that commercial-it infects everyone by mid day and it goes on until the end of the week. Its madness-do do dodo do

Peach said...

Way late in the game here, but reading through your old posts, after seeing your blogging for a year post, I just had to read them all.

This is the greatest commercial ever.
I'd take off points, however, because it's a diet soda. But, that's just bc I'm such a diet soda snob.