Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chasing Liberty

Oh, this movie is so not good. It's better than The Lake House, for sure, but it's so not good. Spoilers ahead - does it matter? Are any of you going to actually see this movie?
Okay, so Mandy Moore plays Anna, the President's daughter, off to Prague with her parents for some summit or conference or something, but she's tired of being followed by the Secret Service, so she and a friend scurry away to a dance. The Pres breaks his promise of a lightened security detail, Anna gets pissed and runs out of the dance, where she asks this super cute guy with a moped if he can drive her away. He does. You know the rest - he's actually part of the security detail, but Anna doesn't know that! He lies to her! She wants to live free, but he's bound to protect her! And then they fall in love! And do it in a sleeping bag! But he ruins everything!
And I think Mandy says fuck. Which is shocking.
So, there's no need to see this movie. It all works out in the end. And it works out with opera music.
I'd like to focus on the other story in this movie, the one about the Secret Service agents Weiss and Morales, played by Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra. They are DELIGHTFUL. They made the whole movie for me. Yes, the story line is a little stale (think Miss Congeniality), but they were both so sweet and I was actually rooting for them to get together, unlike the main romantic couple, who I didn't care so much about.
Can we analyze the poster for a second? Where are they sitting? Does a pool like that even exist at the White House? And look at her. She is all up in his business in her little capris.

Chasing Liberty - C


mama kay said...

Fuck from the girl who stared in "A Walk To Remember"? I am shocked!
Think I will skip it!

equippedtofascinate said...

Mandy needs to go back to her roots and make a sequel to a walk to remember...except she died in that movie, so I guess that wouldn't work.

Peach said...

I actually liked this movie.
But, I'm a sucker for lame movies.
I'll probably end up liking the Lake House when/if I ever watch it..
Who knows??

But, yeah, I usually like the movies that other people think are stupid or lame.

Just ask Beth. LOL

bethro said...

I'm a dork too, i liked this movie! i've seen it MORE than once!