Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

One tiny spoiler ahead. Only spoils one line.

Here's the thing about The Devil Wears Prada: it was great, but I wanted more. I just finished reading it about two weeks ago, so it was very fresh in my memory. Now, I'm not saying "Oh, the book was better, the book was better, blah blah blah" - the book is almost always better, so it doesn't need to be said. Also, there are some things that don't translate well from page to screen. So I'm giving TDWP some outs based on book adaptation alone. But with all that said, I wanted more. Meryl Streep was beyond fabulous. I loved everything about her. But after reading the book, I expected Miranda Priestly to be larger than life and a raving bitch. In this, as my friend Charlie over at Chargenda said, she was understated. But still fabulous. Can I say again how fabulous she was? I fully expect her to get a Golden Globe nod (as you recall, they split up comedy/musical from drama, so this is a shoe-in for comedy awards). Also, she was completely brilliant in the "sad" scene, but is it just me or was it unnecessary? I mean, we're not supposed to have any sympathy for Miranda! As for Anne Hathaway, she looked gorgeous, and this movie really made me want to go shopping, but she was vacuous. Any number of girls could have played this role exactly the same. No harm, no foul.
Anyone remember the character Lily? Yeah. She's a huge character with a huge story line in the book. What happened there?
Best part of the movie: when Nigel says to Andi "Listen, Six, you..." I love that he calls her by her dress size.

Read Charlie's review. I love it when we don't give the same grade.

The Devil Wears Prada - B


Chargenda said...

thanks for the link, babes. Pretty close review. Call me some time. I miss your voice.

Dustin J. Harder said...

Stanley tucci was adorable. How can you not mention him?

I thought the Miranda "sad" seen was very much needed. As an actor, theatre goer and movie goer...even when the character is a raging bitch it's nice to see at some small point that they are human....makes them real and although we wanna hate her it also makes you care for that character a little which makes her being abitch even better cuz then you can even dislike her more. I dont know if this makes sense to anyone else but it does to me. that scene made her chracter a real person to me and not just meryl streep being fabulous-and she totally was.