Sunday, July 16, 2006

I don't usually take requests for blog subjects. Sometimes I should, because my life can be fairly mundane at times, but most of the time I have something I can write about.
However, when my friend Ashlee pointed me in the direction of, and said "Sweetie, you have to blog about this," I was more than happy to oblige. See, just profiled Ashlee's boyfriend, Teppei, who is starring in Singapore's first production of The Marriage of Figaro. He's playing Figaro, which means that right now, he's sort of Asian hot shit. Apparently, the man can sing, and he's been doing all sorts of press for the production, including an interview with
The tagline for Empowering Gay Asia. Yes, the gays love Teppei. He is called "a piece of eye candy." And somehow, the article draws a connection between opera and fellatio. Ambitious.
Anyway, check it out. The article is oddly funny, and besides, don't we need a little eye candy on this Sunday morning?

Mmmm, candy.

Read the article. - B+


Ashlee said...

Ah, freaky fridae. My sweetie told me about this, and I died. It's hysterical.
Thanks for the review, and Teppei thanks you too. He'll be home on Wednesday!

Ashlee said...

Also- be sure to check out the Ask Alvin column. It's great!

Chargenda said...

I totally knew about this site before this. Are you really surprised this site exists?

Ashlee said...

Not really, Chargenda. But it never fails to be entertaining, no?

BTW, we both live in Chicago. Why have we not met, and why aren't we drinking right now?

amandarama said...

I'm not surprised it exists, nor am I surprised that you already knew about it, Char - I know how you love Asian men.