Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project Runway Premiere

Another season of Project Runway is off to a fabulous start. I am so impressed with the casting special that aired from 9 to 10. You know, American Idol spends weeks on casting specials. It's like they want people to love the bad singers. But Project Runway is too classy to go for the cheap laughs. We got to see a few of the nutty designers (did anyone notice a drag queen model?), but the focus of the show was the good designs and good designers, and the "behind the scenes" look at how Tim, Michael, Nina and Heidi selected the final 15.
My favorite design of the night was Bonnie's. There was something very Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren about it - all that red with the splash of white and blue. I'll agree that the model looked like she might pop out of the top, but I think the dress itself is beautiful.
I also really liked Robert's design. Let's face it, he knows how to design for women - even if those women are only 11 inches tall. This dress is simple but fun, and definitely looks like something a "real" person would wear. It's not costumey. I expect big things from Robert. He might be the Nick of this season. I'm also a really big fan of Robert's model. I think she's totally beautiful. As a side note, I wonder how they're going to do the models this year - if they brought back immunity for the person who wins the challenge, maybe they'll bring back each designer choosing a new model each week.
I am very into Michael Knight. He certainly has attitude, and I like that. His design was fantastic, and I was surprised that he wasn't one of the top three (Robert, Keith, and Michael, with Laura in fourth; Bonnie got brought down by that ill-fitting top).

I am anti-Malan. He's super creepy.

Project Runway - A- (I need one more week to really care about the designers before I can give it that A)


casey said...

I had one comment ... and it's on my blog. Check it out!

Overall, loves it!

patrick said...

Did anybody notice that one of the "designers who didn't make it" on Project Runway was also a "dancer who didn't make it" on So You Think You Can Dance?