Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm not an experienced canoe-er. I went once or twice with my church youth group a long time ago, and I went twice as part of a "team building experience" a tmy last job. But it's a theatre department tradition to go canoeing every summer, a tradition that I didn't take part in last summer or the summer before, so I sucked it up - and yesterday, I went canoeing.

While there are no rapids on the Platt River, I had several moments where I felt like I was these guys in this picture. My canoe was out of control. I was the more experienced canoe-er in my canoe, so I was steering, but I swear to you, I was steering as hard as I could and we still managed to run headlong into a tree... on more than one occasion. I lost my sunglasses in the river within the first five minutes, because it was lose the sunglasses or lose an eye. We ran aground. We lost our paddles. We almost tipped. And it took a really, really long time.
When we finished canoeing, we were supposed to have a cookout at this delightful little park where Platt River runs into Lake Michigan - but a super wicked thunderstorm came up and the whole department hurried back to campus, where we hung out in the dark scene shop (oh, 'cause the power went out) and had a "cookout" inside and there weren't enough drinks and most everyone was miserable.

And that's why I don't go canoeing.

canoeing - D


mama kay said...

And that is why I don't go canoeing!! I have yet to have the *terrific* experience that others speak of.
I, however, salute you for giving it yet another go!

mama kay said...

ps .. I just noticed that I am on your side bar .. wow, I am humbled! I take that as high praise from someone as terrific as you!

equippedtofascinate said...

I went on a 22 mile canoe trip with my family once. I lost count of how many times we tipped after the 15th of 16th time...not exaggerated. That is why I will never canoe again, ever.

christa said...

the best part about canoeing is tipping over. don't fight it, just get it over with.