Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Runway

This episode was fabulous. C'mon - pageant dresses? I just about lost my mind.

I'm short on time, so let me say this: Kayne and Robert were great. I knew from the mment he picked that fabric that that dress would win. And the jeweled necklace halter? Please. That dress screamed "pageant." You better believe that I'l be watching Miss Universe. Angela and Kevin are crazy. I hope to see them implode in the near future. And Malan's departure is best summed up in the words of my PR watching buddy Erika: "I was kind of looking forward to watching him be creepy some more." Malan, we hardly knew ya.

Michael, you are still wonderful. Keep on truckin'. Erika's afraid that they're not showing him enough, which translates into "leaving soon." Not true, I say. Stay under the radar and I bet you'll be in the top five. And wear more vests and ties. You're adorable and I want to have your babies.

PR - A


mama kay said...

That is such a hot dress. If only I had the ribcage to wear it~! :o)

Anonymous said...

Um, Michael is totally gay! Which is awesome.

Senora Fuerte said...

I actually liked Vince's dress... but I don't know much about pageants and their dresses. But if I had to pick one to wear, I'd have picked Vince's. Call me crazy, but that dress would look HOT on me!!!