Friday, July 21, 2006

Bloggiverary Post #2

The Ds (all of them, pluses and minuses too) and Fs:

Too much fragrance
Entertainment Weekly and the Post Office
Clay Aiken thong (F)
Anonymous website solicitation
Tim Horton’s
Not sleeping well
Silicone bracelets
Lysol Sanitizing Wipes ad
Nutritious Living Hi-Lo cereal
Getting up early and staying up late
Canceling your wedding singer less than a week before the wedding (F)
Extra Polar Ice gum
Hilary Duff’s new teeth
David Banner “Play” video
Car accidents (F)
The Ugg shuffle
The wedding Singer: The Musical
City of Lost Children
Christmas music before Thanksgiving
Enormous nose zit (F)
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (actual shipwreck)
Bad VCR (F)
My blog when it was pink
Historically dressed mannequins
Britney on Broadway (F)
Blogging about the weather
The Christmas Shoes
Dear Mr. Jesus (F)
My paper giving me the finger (when my computer crashed) (F)
Traffic lights
Orbitz “gay friendly” commercial
Snowstorm road trip
Britney’s child endangerment
Beyonce’s (my car) ailments
Asparagus pee
Bad aim (F, when you’re Dick Cheney)
The lamest conversation I ever heard
Old Country Buffet
Plantar fasciitis (F)
My time management skills
Tortoise and Hare
The Lord of the Rings: The Musical
Loud breathers
Fighting with Nate about a printer
Hash Bash
Flowering Bradford pear trees (aka stank trees)
Sally Beauty Supply hair accessories
My back rash (F)
Crowding the intersection
Printed checks
Mike Wallace
Big painted footballs
My inner monologue, trying desperately to be heard
The Lake House
The Blue Angels

Only 10 Fs in one year...


Helga's Papa said...

A's or F' doesn't matter. Naivehelga is the first place I visit everday when I log on. Thank you, Amanda. The "doctor" reads Helga everday too and feels she gets to know you better each day.

Ashlee said...

Whee! Happy Anniversary.

Btw, I CANNOT WAIT to see you this weekend! Yay!