Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway

Every week, Project Runway just gets better and better. If it doesn't win the Emmy for Best Reality Series, there is some sort of problem with the way the TV academy votes! It is way better - and much, much fresher - than The Amazing Race, which always wins. Whoever is out there thinking up design challenges for Project Runway: you deserve a raise. I thought it couldn't get any better than the "garden party" dress of season two, when everything had to be made out plants and flowers. But last night came the doggie-as-inspiration challenge. When Tim Gunn walked over that hill with 13 dogs, I about lost my mind. Totally brilliant. Who would have thought that little doggies could serve as muse for some of the best fashion we've seen on the runway in PR's history? So, here is Michael's (my favorite) dress. I think it's fabulous. I actually gasped a little when this dress hit the runway. The high neck crossover thing is innovative and beautiful (even though it seems to not be fitting very well in this photo, it looked really great on the runway). And look at his little dog. I love Yorkies. I think that Michael totally nailed this challenge - the dog clearly influenced the design, and I love it.

Uli won this challenge, with good reason. The prints were totally gorgeous together, and while I don't think the dog influenced the design, Uli totally used the dog, in his little coat, as a fashionable woman's accessory. The look was amazing. I expect Uli to be around for a while.

Looks I didn't like: Laura's coat was fabulous but too much like her first design; Angela's bubble skirts are so 1984; Vincent's was so nothing that I don't even remember it, and the januty cap he put on his dog made it go totally crazy. I felt really bad for his model for having to contend with that wacky man and insane dog.

It must be said that Erika, my PR watching buddy, is kind of afraid of pets in clothes. She thinks it's unnatural - they're already wearing fur coats, so why do they need sweaters or jackets? I think this episode was kind of hard for her to watch, but as time went on, she got over it. She didn't have to take deep cleansing breaths or anything. Sometimes you have to face your fears in order to overcome them.

Project Runway - A


Meggie Justine said...

Oh Erika and her fear of animals in clothes! :) I knew you were watching this with her and I was worried for a moment and then I remembered our conversation the other day...God I love Project Runway. Good thing the walk isn't on a Wednesday.

Ashley said...

Michael's was my favorite too! I'm worried that they aren't recognizing his greatness.

casey said...

So, I wasn't amazed by this challenge. I mean, some of the dresses were cute, and it was a good challenge idea. But as for the garments - mmm, kinda blah all around.

But I can't WAIT for next week! Oooh, lady!

Senora Fuerte said...

I thought it was awesome when Vera Wang was praising Bradley's outfit... if only!!!!

Chargenda said...

I totally called the pet thign at the start of the episode.