Thursday, December 08, 2005

Project Runway Premiere

I didn't rewind my tape from ABC Sunday night, so I missed the first hour (I got home from work in time to watch the second hour!). It was good, but I'm not feeling it yet. I need a little time to get to know the designers, and I kind of thought the challenge was lame. I'm sure that deconstructing your clothes and turning them into something new is difficult - y'all know I couldn't do it - but it didn't seem as though it was a challenge that really showed the designers' strengths and weaknesses.
So far, I like Nick, Emmett and Santino. Their clothes were great. Surprisingly, I also like Daniel, who was the first one out on season one, before I watched it. His design was surprisingly good, and you can tell he really wants to do well. I'll be rooting for him, but I bet he won't make it to the final three. I think I don't like Andrae - he's too crazy - and Lupe - too up in everybody's business, but her clothes are good. She'll be this season's Wendy, mark my words.
I think Heidi Klum looked amazing when she was pregnant - a little chubby in the face works for her!

Project Runway season 2 premiere - B+


Chargenda said...

I loved it so hard, but had never seen much of the first season before.

amandarama said...

I started watching the first season on episode three or four - it was magical! Still haven't seen the first two episodes from last season...

ryan d said...

I started watching season 1 right when it started. I've been there from the beginning. Project Runway is by far the best reality show on television. It might be my favorite show ever. Season one ruled and dominated my TV world for the entirety of its season. Season 2 looks like it will follow in Season 1's footsteps, but not necessarily for the same reasons. The main reason why this show is so great is because the reason why these people are on this show is because they have talent. Even though it's not clear if we have the wonderful personalities (like Jay and Austin) like we had in season 1, we definitely have an incredibly talented and diverse group of people, which can only make for one awesome show. I can't wait for more.

My favorites:

Emmett: I like him because he's hot and talented. Did anyone else hear him say that he's 6'6?? And I'm pretty sure his screen-bio shot said he was 42... um, he's aged REALLY well.

Diana: I do fine her incredibly endearing. In terms of her designs, it really seems like she's the most experimental of the bunch, most likely because of her distance from the regular ideals and constraints of the fashion world. She reminds me of a really amateur version of designers like early Alexander McQueen. She rocks to me.

Nick: He's the teacher guy, right? If I'm wrong, then this blurb is really about the guy who is the teacher guy. He seems level headed (like Kara Saun) but can still crack jokes (in interviews, like Jay, but while not coming off as crazy, like Wendy Pepper). On top of that, his first design, that amazing burnt colored jacket and skiry set should have won.

I love this show. Heidi does look great. Timm Gunn is a prophet.

Bethro said...

I think most supermodels would look great with about 10 more lbs on. (or more . . .)

PNSexplosion said...

I love preggo Heidi. Her strut/waddle is adorable.