Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Parcel Plus

I went to my neighborhood Parcel Plus to send a package to my parents (look for it on Monday or Tuesday, folks), and the Parcel Plus guy was so nice! He asked me if I needed any stamps or anything, and then as I was leaving, he said, "Do you know that the postal rates are going up?" I said, "Yep, January 8th, right?" And he handed me a book of two-cent stamps, on the house! Now THAT is good business. You better believe I'll be going there for all of my shipping needs in the future.

What's up with the Parcel Plus mascot? Do moose really send a lot of packages?

Parcel Plus - A-


Anonymous said...

The Moose is Loose. Moosehead Beer.
Now that's a good import from Canada..A.

equippedtofascinate said...

Can't he get fired for just giving out stamps?

paultoes said...

i love a loose moose!

NicelyKing said...

this post made me think of a line from the DREADFUL movie "Poetic Justice" where Justice [Janet Jackson] says to Regina Kings character (i forget her name) "girl, i dont know why you dating a mail man anyway, what he gone do for you..., mail your bills for free?"