Friday, September 30, 2005


I used to have a picture of Laura in a child's banana costume, but I think this one shows off her assets better. Obviously, so does she.

Laura was a student at my former place of employment, but now that she's in college, I can safely call her my friend. I can also say that she needs to call me sometime - I can tell her all the scandals she's been wanting to know about for three years, and believe me, there are plenty. Laura is probably one of the smartest people I know. For example, this semester, she's taking Microeconomics, Chinese, and calculus. I would say that these are difficult classes. Laura would say that she was bored in high school and just wanted to use her brain for once. Don't be fooled into thinking that Laura is all brains, however - she went to bartending school this summer, and is an avid Desperate Housewives watcher. She's extremely sassy and has no qualms about speaking her mind, even to those that are "in charge." I think this is a by-product of being very short and needing to assert herself, but it makes for some good times when Laura is ranting about the state of the world.

Laura, if you're reading this, you're getting a low grade because you never, ever call me, and Facebook is not really a method of communication. Change your evil ways, girl.

Laura - C+

UPDATE: Laura called me this afternoon... new grade - B+!

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Timmy D said...

There was a time during the school year when I was quite scared of Laura, but now I know that's she's one cool cookie. Laura should make a fine stateswoman in ten years.

(This is my testimonial-type thing for Laura since facebook won't let me on their Ultra-Cool, members-only site.)