Friday, September 23, 2005

ER Season Premiere

UPDATE: Watched the premiere tonight (thanks to Nate for taping it for me while I was at work), and it sort of let me down, but all the typical ER things were there - teasers in the ad that look really bad but turn out to be nothing, resolution from the cliffhanger the season before, a little bit of every major character with focus on one or two, and an amazing trailer for next week's episode.
Things to point out: the show is called ER. Most of the action should take place in the ER. I'm just sayin'. Also, can we cut Luka some slack? First it didn't work out with Carol, then Abby, and now Sam, too? Seriously, write in some happiness for the guy.

ER Season Premiere (official grade) - B

Tomorrow night is the premiere of the 12th season of ER, and I am very excited! I think ER has slipped in recent years - I can handle Romano getting his arm cut off by a helicopter, but then to be killed by one falling out of the sky a few seasons later? That's a bit of a stretch. Also, though he's pictured in the super hot picture above, Carter will no longer be a regular cast member. That makes this the first season that there will not be a cast member who has been on the show continuously since the first season, and that's a little scary. I think we sort of relied on Carter for some continuity and warm fuzzies - he was there for Benton and Greene and Ross and Hathaway and all the other stuff since then. However, Noah Wyle has said that it's time for some of the other characters to have a chance to shine, and I think he's right. Let's see how Luka and Abby and Sam and Pratt and Ray do when they have to take the lead.

This might be too much ER talk for some of you, but I don't care. I feel about ER the way that my friend Andy feels about U of M football - no matter how good or how bad, I'll always be a fan. Besides, with ER on Thursday, that brings us one night closer to the premiere of Desperate Housewives, and I know we're all excited for that!

Do you have a favorite episode you want to talk about? Leave a comment.

ER Season Premiere - B+, I hope


equippedtofascinate said...

All I have to say about Carter is it's about time. Seriously. Who leaves someone as great as Abby to knock up some whore in Africa? Talk about unbelievable story lines. I won't be home for the premier, but I think I'll set the VCR.

Andy said...

I have many favorite ER episodes, but I also think the show is slipping a bit. It is going from cool hospital action to drama about characters, with some cool hospital stuff mixed in. We continue to tape it (because 10-11 we are going to sleep), but this may be my last season. Too much other good TV to watch. (Scrubs, West Wing...).

bethro said...

I am a DIE HARD ER fan. Til the end, I'll be watching this show. I'll probably cry in the finale. Yes, I have problems, I cry often watching this show. I can't tell you how many arguments my husband and I have gotten into over episodes of this show! I love it though. I still enjoy the storylines, and I'm impressed at the way they bring in new characters and write them so that you like them. Everytime I think, this person won't be good, and then I end up really enjoying them. I'll be watching tonight.

Chargenda said...

I can't watch that show. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I like ER but I never have been able to officially get into it. I've always enjoyed it though. But I totally agree with "equipped to fascinate." Why the hades did Carter live Abby? She rules, and he lost my respect after that.

Anonymous said...

that would be me above who forgot to sign my name.


Dustin J. Harder said... Desperate Housewives-YES!First i just wanna mention that desperate housewives has released a cd compilation and its actually VERY good. Second, I am so excited for Sunday night! My cast is having a big extreme home makeover/desperate housewives party in my hotel room! These are the times I love tour life! happy viewing! Carter who?

amandarama said...

Can we focus on the picture for a minute, please? Excellent choice on the silver and gray tones.

equippedtofascinate said...

I love summer. I think we're going to become good friends. Did you notice what she wrote about me? Yes Cricket, great use of colors in the picture. Thanks for updating my blog for me