Sunday, September 25, 2005


I heard a lot of good things about Junebug - a guy I work with said it's better than any of the films he saw at the Toronto Film Festival - so I was looking forward to a really great film. I wasn't diappointed, but it wasn't as amazing as I though it would be. It's a pretty bleak film. Not as bleak as In The Bedroom or House of Sand and Fog, also family relationship films, but I didn't leave feeling good about the characters, which is what I was expecting. However, I can't fault the acting. Everyone keeps talking about how awesome Amy Adams is in this movie, and I agree, she's great, but I was totally blown away by Scott Wilson, who plays the father. He was so subtle and understated and reserved, and was perfect as a quiet, hen-pecked Southern man - I left the movie saying, "I know that guy." Also, Celia Weston and Benjamin McKenzie (yes, the kid from the O.C.) were totally awesome. Evil bastard people, but awesome.
I can't put my finger on what didn't impress me about this movie. Maybe it was the hype, or maybe the trailers made it out to be a comedy when it wasn't, or maybe it was the small Southern town sterotypes. Whatever it was, Junebug was good, but it's not my new favorite movie.

Junebug - B

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Yeah, I wanna check that movie out...