Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Adam and I are "camp friends" (you'll see some more of those this week). We met when Adam was going into 10th grade and I was going into 9th. I took him to the Homecoming dance when I was a freshman - I was such a big deal, having an out-of-town date. We used to get together with some other camp friends once every couple of months. Remember the days when playing card games and watching scary movies was a big weekend?

Adam and I rarely see each other anymore - we kind of fell out of touch when I was moving around a lot in college. He's in orthodontics school right here in Ann Arbor, but he lives in Ohio; his husband is a PhD student at Kent State, so they live halfway between and each drive an hour and a half every day. Better them than me, I say. Adam and Jason always have the latest in orthodonture - when I met Jason, he had braces, and now Adam has those clear plastic retainers. That's so awesome.

Adam - B

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Noah said...

The kid has some serious choppers. I mean, Hillary Duff would be jealous.