Sunday, September 11, 2005

Michigan Stadium

A few facts and figures for you: Wrigley Field seats 38, 902 people. The Louisiana Superdome, which has held more Super Bowls than any other stadium, seats 72,003. The Los Angeles Coliseum, a venue for the 1984 Olympics, seats 92,516.

And then there's Michigan Stadium, where the University of Michigan plays their home football games. This stadium is less than three blocks from my apartment. This year, Michigan plays seven games at home.

Michigan Stadium seats 109,501.

Let's make this clear: that's basically the equivalent of the Superdome and Wrigley Field combined. That's a lot of people, and they all walk through my front yard. Now, don't get me wrong. Monday through Thursday, it's a perfectly pleasant landmark to have in my neighborhood - the gates are quite lovely. But starting Friday about 5 PM until Sunday at 8 AM, this place is a madhouse. People start celebrating the night before the game, and get up around 9 on Saturday to start drinking beer and barbecuing. Who eats burgers at 9 AM? Gross. Then, as kickoff gets closer, the fans start arriving in droves, and they all walk or drive right past my apartment. And the parking! Everyone is looking for a place to park, and they want to park as close as possible, so all the side streets are full of cars and people with signs reading "PARKING - $40." Three hours later, depending on the outcome of the game, the neighborhood is full of drunk people celebrating or drunk people calling for the resignation of the coach, and this continues until the wee hours of the morning. Basically, it's crazy.

Come to Ann Arbor, and visit me, Nate and 100,000 of our friends and neighbors!

Michigan Stadium - C-


Anonymous said...

Oh! That SUCKS!!! I'm sorry!!


Dustin J. Harder said... sympathy darling. I'm assuming you saw that the stadium was three blocks away BEFORE you moved in, correct?

Andy said...

How can you give Michigan Stadium a C-?

We actually pack 111,000+ people into the Stadium.

It is only 7 days a year (6 in most years). Although not really, because there are really only 4 big games each year. I wouldn't count on EMU being as crazy.

It is the best spirit that the U of M shows. It is great. And the Wolverines need it for the game!!!
It will be loud because people are excited!!!

Gotta disagree with ya, although I do still love ya!

Chargenda said...

you live that close? damn, when i was in town I went to Qdoba by there for lunch.

Kristi Leigh Sealy said...

How do you like Michigan? I am thinking of going there for my doctorate. Would I like it?

amandarama said...

For flute? Absolutely. The music program and U of M is superb, and the music scene in Ann Arbor is really fun. Plus, I think this place gets hipper the older I get - maybe because I can afford to do things and can get into bars.

equippedtofascinate said...

Who don't you charge people to park on your property? $40 a car? You could make rent for a few months if you cram those cars in there correctly.