Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I like to refer to Albert as my Secret Asian Man. I'm so glad he's my friend - he fills my minority niche. Thanks, Bert!

Albert and I were buddies in college, and I've only seen him a few times since graduation, and we don't talk that often, but he's the kind of guy you can go for months without talking to and then, when you finally make contact, you're on the phone for hours. Yesterday we talked about relationships and teaching. The time before that, we talked about the arts. Albert's bright and funny and just an all-around fabulous guy. Plus, he's got great legs.

Albert - B (remember, people, you got to live close to get a good grade!)


Anonymous said...

AAwww!!! Yay for Albert!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I miss my Albert...and you too!

amanda's brother said...

Bert is, without question, one of the NICEST people it has ever been my pleasure to know. He is achingly nice. Plus, fans of the comedian Henry Cho would undoubtedly get a kick out of the "Asian face, Arkansan accent" juxtaposition. What a guy.