Monday, August 01, 2005

10th Annual Friendship Tea

Sunday was Nate's mom Beth's 10th annual Friendship Tea, and it rocked the house. About 20 ladies were here, eating yummy treats (that's a picture of my lemon cookies, on the cake plate I got Beth for Christmas ) and sharing stories about friends. I have to say that if you have not experienced a country tea, you don't know what you're missing. It is really pretty fun to sit around in your finest clothes, complete with hat (note the picture of me and my friend Erika), and eat tiny food. Along with the lemon cookies, cucumber sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, smoked salmon on baguettes, buttermilk cake, cranberry scones, herbed deviled eggs, turkey and honey mustard on blini, and apricots with lavender-and-pistachio-infused goat cheese were served. You know you wish you'd been here.
One thing takes down the grade: no tea at the tea! Raspberry lemonade and coffee, but no tea! I'll work on that for next year.

Friendship Tea: A-.


Anonymous said...

HOW COOL!!! I'm so jealous!! I would love to do stuff like that!! Somedays its so much fun to be girlie!! Ya know?


bethro78 said...

That sounds like a blast! I don't think I even know enough people who would be interested in doing that. Too bad, I want to!