Monday, August 29, 2005

Creative Memories

Who loves scrapbooking? I do! I have been on a real kick the last few days, trying to finish up my Interlochen scrapbook before I move on to the college years. It's way fun.

I love Creative Memories products. They are top of the line, the highest quality out there. Unfortunately, they are only available through a consultant, so if you need a new album or some refill pages, you have to get in touch with someone in your area to place your order. I need instant gratification, so I get very impatient when waiting for my consultant to get back to me. The products are worth the wait... but I'd rather not wait. Also, CM is a little pricey. Again, worth it, but with my current income, I have to watch how many stickers and pens I order. Good thing they have a wish list section.

Creative Memories - B.


Anonymous said...

Amanda is the most awesomest person ever! :)

<3 ME!

PS - Scrapbooking is the shit and I still need you to help me do my scrapbook, our card for Darlene was awesome. We love her the mostest!

Bethro said...

I LOVE to scrapbook!

Chargenda said...

Scrapbooking is something I would never ever in a million years do. Anything crafty makes my palms sweat. I can't even cut straight with scissors.

amandarama said...

There's nothing straight about the way you cut, Char.