Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Last night I had dinner at Musashi's with my friends Kris and Peter (that's us on the left). Musashi's is a Shogun-style restaurant - you place your order with a waitress, and the cook comes to your table and cooks your food right there in front of you. I had never eaten at a place like this, so it was pretty cool to me. I had the "Geisha Special" - New York strip and shrimp. It was really tasty, and the vegetable assortment that went with it was delicious as well as unique. We also ate some delightful sushi, as well as edamame - boiled salted pea pods - that was outstanding. Finally, we were served the most amazing cake I've ever had, and you know that I love cake. The frosting was perfect and the cake was moist, flavorful and had a wonderful texture. I would go back just for the cake.

Happy Birthday Kris, and thanks to Pete's parents for footing the bill!

Musashi's - A-.


amanda's brother said...

I had the Geisha Special once. There was no food involved, though.

Dustin J. Harder said...

you know what they say about girls that love cake dont ya?

amandarama said...

Ummm, I really don't - what do they say?