Monday, August 08, 2005


I love Target so much. Target is like an upper-class Meijer (my brother once said "let's go to Meijer and get some milk, some cigarettes and a new couch") - you can't get everything you need there, but you can basically get everything you WANT there.
I love the set up of the Target in Traverse City. When you walk in the door, the first thing you see is the greeting card section. I LOVE cards, so I thank Target for putting them right where I have to walk by and peruse. Immediately behind the card section is the candle section, followed closely by the scrapbook/office supply section. Again, it's stuff that I love, so walking through on my way to the things I have to buy becomes tons of fun.
I think the best section of Target is the bedding section. Target always has some fun and funky bed sheets that are relatively inexpensive, and there's usually a sassy throw pillow or two to complete the ensemble... presto! You just updated your bedroom for less than $40! We should all thank Todd Oldham and the ladies of Swell for pumping some cool into the Target bedding collection. I've never purchased clothes for myself at Target, but one of these days, I'll end up buying something, and you'll get to read all about that as well.
Things I don't like about Target: no couches for sale; the toy section is laid out weird and a lot of the toys are creepy; the snack bar doesn't have cola-flavored Icees, only cherry and blue raspberry. I can overlook these things, however, for a $9 DVD and striped dinner plates.

Target: A


bethro said...

I'm with you, Target gets an A in my book. Ours has a starbucks, and I love that. Though I am a coffee fanatic, I do not particularly enjoy the flavor of Starbucks coffee. I do however, applaud Target for having the brilliance to include the "elixir of life" in their Conway branch.

Chargenda said...

I like Target, but I used to spend way too much time in there, so just a B from me.

equippedtofascinate said...

Target-B, Meijer-A. I'll go to Meijer any day over Target because they have everything you need there. Sometimes, I like to change it up and I go to Target for the random excitement, which feels good. Dirty, but good.