Thursday, August 04, 2005

And Another Thing...

Why is it that some guys know how to wear cologne, and others don't? Take my friend Scott. He wears Eternity for Men, and he smells delicious. Yes, you can smell the scent, but it's not overpowering. And Charlie takes fragrance shopping very seriously, and changes his fragrance every so often to stay "fresh," but he never smells like a dirty pimp.
Then there's the guy I was sitting next to when I was writing about Neopets. He smelled... well, gross. Overpowering. Like an old man (and he wasn't an old man). Nauseating, actually. His cologne choice was so bad, I had to leave that computer and come down to a different computer to write this, just to get away from him (also I didn't want him reading what I was writing - I'm not THAT much of a bitch). How is it that he doesn't know how bad he smells? Is it possible that his natural odor is worse than that of his cologne? Did he not have time for a shower and just splashed on a little extra today? This needs to stop. Men, listen to me - use your fragrance sparingly. Girls say that they like the smell of men's cologne, and "it smells like boy" is a complement, but please, go easy on our little noses.

Too much fragrance - F.


equippedtofascinate said...

I overdo the scent thing sometimes, but I know I can make up for it by whispering what type of cologne I wear.

Bethro said...

I'm really glad you've pointed this out. The cologne is supposed to be a light scent, not indicate that you've taken a bath in it!

Amanda's Brother said...

I think that too many guys choose their fragrances without too much thought as to how it's going to hang on them. "Well, Dale Junior has Drakkar Noir on the side of #8, so it's good enough for me!" Let me tell you something, fellow young men: Drakkar, Polo Sport, and Cool Water don't smell good on ANYONE. Take five freakin' minutes at the Macy's fragrance counter, take a woman who's opinion you trust, and evaluate several different brands. And when you find something that works on you, all you'll EVER need to apply is a TINY dab on both wrists and one on your neck. Why only (ONLY) in those spots? It's the pulse,'s your own internal atomizer. Oh yeah, switch it up once in awhile (I like Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Blue for general use, but I bust out the Gucci Envy for evening activities.)

Random thought: I had a girlfriend once who wore Eternity for Men, and it was about the sexiest friggin' thing in the world.

Random thought 2: ever notice how all strippers smell alike? I think it's Chanel #5. Spicy, yet completely slutty.

Chargenda said...

Um, I way overdo it with cologne sometimes. I had two bottles of Diesel that I got for xmas and they are both gone now. I need to find something new. But, thanks for noticing that I mix it up.

Here is my cologne shopping tip. Look for scents that other men don't find by going to the women's counters that carry men's scents only there. Clinique Happy isn't at the men's counter, it is only at the Clinique counter!