Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Project Runway

Oh, how I love Project Runway. I think it's the best reality show EVER. I started watching during a marathon one Sunday, and I was hooked. The fighting! The fashion! The catch-phrases - can you get any better than "Carry on!?"
For those who have never seen this gem of a television show, here's the basic premise: twelve fashion designers, all with different strengths, training, and styles, come together at the Parsons School of Design in a fashion competition - every week, they are given a "mission" to complete a certain piece of clothing within the week's theme. Whoever wins the week is given an automatic pass through the following week. Whoever loses is out. The final three left standing get their own shows at Fashion Week in New York, and the ultimate winner gets a bunch of money, a contract with Banana Republic, and a spread in Elle. So simple, and yet so fabulous.
I think the producers of PR totally put a new spin on a medium that's growing old quick, and I cannot wait for season 2 to see how they top themselves... of course, how can you beat Jay, Austin, Kara and Wendy?

Project Runway - A


Chargenda said...

In other fashion-related reality show news: America's Next Top Model Marathon this weekend on VHI. They will be showing every episode of every season ever.

Ryan D said...

Project Runway is SO the best reality show EVER!! I tell this to people all the time. If only they knew... I just went to a fashion event here in Chicago last Thursday that was hosted by one Mr. Jay McCarroll! I was super excited. The next season had better live up to the first or I'll be mighty pissed.

amandarama said...

Have you ordered the Jay McCarroll t-shirt? I really should get one - they're so hot.

equippedtofascinate said...

Charlie knows what he's talking about. I plan on doing nothing this weekend but watching America's Next Top Model. You haven't seen drama until you've seen these girls.