Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tim and Erika

This is me with my friends Tim and Erika at Interlochen graduation. We look the way we do because we know we only have 24 more hours before we don't live in the dorm anymore.

Tim is good to have on your team. He is very crafty when it comes to finding secret things on the Internet. Also, he will bring you bagels to work when you are just too tired to get them yourself.
Erika is my "fun friend." We have had lots of good times shopping, getting lunch, and going to the chiropractor. Additionally, Erika is usually up for a body treatment of any kind, be it a manicure, pedicure, or sauna. Not many people can hang with me when it comes to spa time, so I really appreciate this about her.

I miss Tim. He moved to North Carolina. He never calls me, and I think that sucks. I miss Erika, too, just not as much - she only lives an hour away, and she calls pretty regularly. Good friends. Good times.

Tim - C+; Erika - B+


Tim the Enchanter said...

Damnit, nobody ever calls ME either! I only make one-way friends, it seems. Harumph!

Timmy D said...

It is now 1035pm. Even if Michigan were in another time zone, you would still be a horrid, lying wench. I hope you get a terrible fungus on your toe.