Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tim Horton's

I was very disappointed with my Tim Horton's experience last night. I used to love Tim Horton's - I got their chicken stew in a bread bowl about once a week when I lived in Saginaw. Unfortunately, Traverse City doesn't have a Tim Horton's, so last night's excursion to the one in Saline was my first in many years. I was excited at first, but when I got there, I realized that they no longer have chicken stew on the menu! It was heartbreaking. I ordered the cream of potato bacon soup combo, and was under the impression that I would be getting a donut and a dinner roll (mmmm, carbs), but I didn't receive the roll. Also, the soup was incredibly bland and the donut did not have the spark of, say, a Krispy Kreme chocolate dipped glazed. The price, though, was incredibly good - soup, donut and medium drink for $3. All in all, it was an unhappy dining experience and I doubt I'll be going back soon.

Tim Horton's - D+


Amanda's Brother's Fiance said...

$3?!!!! I'm moving to Michigan... Sorry, Pat. The only thing you can get in California for $3 is an hour at a parking meter!!

amanda's brother said...

Au contraire. You can get nine tacos at Del Taco on Taco Tuesday for $3. If you can handle the ensuing colonquake, it's worth it. Wess-side!

Dustin J. Harder said...

um...dust yourself off and try again. Lets not let this bad experience upon your retun equal weeks if not months without another visit. Give it another shot. I myself had not had Tim Hortons in couple years until 3 nights ago-I had a splendid experience. try again.