Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More About Moving (and Packing)

I hate packing. It has to be at the bottom of my list of "fun things to do on my day off." I tend to overpack boxes, so that they're very heavy, and I always end up needing something that I've packed at the bottom of a box. Also, right now I'm packing not only for my move, but for my trip to visit my parents, so I have to figure out what things I need for the next two days, what things I need in Oklahoma for a week, and what things I can pack for good for the next two or three weeks. I hate this. I'm excited about moving, because it's going to be great, but right now, the idea of packing any more stuff makes my ass pucker.

Packing - D


Dustin J. Harder said...

Amanda my love,
Try packing everything you own up and trying to figure out what you need for 10 months! never the less, I feel your pain. But if you are having such a hard time with it you should probably get off the computer and focus lady! Love you-unpucker that ass.

Amanda's Brother said...

In the summer of 1999, I moved everything I owned from El Paso, Texas to Los Angeles, California in a 1987 Toyota FX16. You should try to find a picture of this automobile online to fully grasp what an accomplishment this was. I felt like Tom Joad.

Amanda's Brother's Fiance said...

You should try trecking half-filled, unsealed boxes from one city all the way to the other city... 4 miles away!! Often harder than your way, which involves stacking neatly instead of balancing and teetering drawers that have been pulled out of their dresser just as they are on top of piles of CDs and bottles of mousse. Pain in the ass-- of course, this from one who has moved several times this way and should know better!

Chargenda said...

My ex once moved on his bike.

Chargenda said...

the thought of your ass puckering makes me feel really weird and funny. i dont' like it.