Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Newcomers Welcome Service

I had some misgivings about Gretchen from the Newcomers Welcome Service coming over, but once she got here, I knew I was in for a time like no other. Gretchen brought me lots of good information about the Ann Arbor area - map of town, phone book, listing of classes at the community college (Stylish Dressing, here I come!), that sort of thing. But after about ten minutes, Gretchen brought out the gift certificates, and that's when the fun really began. Seriously, she brought me over $275 in gift certificates: free oil change, free dry cleaning, free gifts at all kinds of stores, free dinners at really nice restaurants, a free massage certificate, free car wash, free coffee at two different businesses, coupons for the grocery store... it was a sight to behold. She just kept taking out more and more stuff. It was like Christmas.

I was recently chastised for giving too many A grades, but this totally deserves it.

Newcomers Welcome Service - A


Bethro said...

that makes me want to be a newcomer!

OFB said...

There was a time when the Newcomers lady came to your house and your family wound up being in their commercial.

amandarama said...

I heard about that, but I don't remember it at all... I guess I've blocked some painful times from my memory.

Dustin J. Harder said...

Isn't free wonderful? You reminded me a titch of Kathy Griffin in her reality show on Bravo-by the way, her reality show total A.