Thursday, August 04, 2005


I used to really love Neopets. I would play every day, feeding my pets, buying them toys, reading them books, and after care and feeding were through, I would play Neopets games like Korbat's Lab, Meerca Chase, and Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars. Neopets is fun, and a really great way to waste time, but it's not very constructive. I mean, the games don't really exercise your brain, and you don't interact with people, and they can be kind of addictive (I would play for hours while I was working at the front desk). Plus, Neopets is SO 2000. I'm glad I have a new computer hobby to occupy my free time - keeping up with the Joneses is very important to me. If you're not into blogging, and you just want to play some lame games, then by all means, Neopets is the way to go... but I'd really suggest taking a walk or reading a book or something.

Neopets - C-.

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Amanda's Brother's Fiance said...

I am very sad to hear that Neopets is now no longer cool... I have a Minci named Tiretread. He will be sad to hear it too!