Saturday, July 30, 2005

Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

I really got into American Idol about three episodes before Kelly was voted the winner during season 1 (I hit my stride during the season 2 Clay/Ruben/Kimberley days, but that's another blog for another time). I think Kelly is wonderful, and I'm a bit fan of Breakaway. The album starts strong, with her hits "Breakaway," "Since U Been Gone," and "Behind These Hazel Eyes," as well as two songs I really like, "Because of You" and "Addicted." The album also finishes well with the amazing live version of "Beautiful Disaster," which I think is the best track on the album and one of my favorite songs of all time. Except for "Beautiful Disaster," however, the last half of the album is pretty blah. I don't think any of the songs are that noteworthy, and some of them are very similar to songs from earlier in the album. I don't even know the names of the songs - I usually skip from track 6 to track 12.

Also, is it just me, or does Kelly look kind of like a fetal alcohol syndrome baby on the album cover?

Breakaway - B.


Bethro78 said...

ROFL about the cover pic. I agree with you. I am a HUGE Kelly Clarkson fan. Since u been gone is one of my favorites to clean house to, it gives me super energy! I also love behind these hazel eyes and breakaway. I have her first album, and I need to go buy this one.

PNSexplosion said...

she's on some magazine right now and she looks like she has Downe's.

PNSexplosion said...

The song Gone is super too.

equippedtofascinate said...

To think that I considered you a friend. Kelly is the most beautiful, talented, personable creature ever to walk this earth. The only disease she should be accused of having is Too Much Talent Disease(one of the many things that the two of us have in common). Even though you wrote that about KC, I'll forgive you Cricks...this time.