Wednesday, July 20, 2005

SlenderQuest Herbal Body Wrap

Slender Quest Sea Clay Formula Masks the entire body, targeting detoxification, while the Herbal/Aloe/Amino formula, a saturated wrap process, focuses on tissues and nourishment. In about 2 hours, both Slender Quest systems reduce body measurements and clogged tissues, allowing natural elastin to firm up and hold new contours shaped by the pressure wraps. This treatment is not a water loss process!

So they tell me.

I had a SlenderQuest body wrap on Monday. It started fairly well, with a welcome surprise on the scale, and then the measuring of my body parts was interesting (I now have a bunch of little blue pen marks on my upper arm, thigh, belly, ass, ankle etc.). However, when Tiffani (my SlenderQuest expert) turned up the heat - literally - and started spraying the amino acid solution and then slathering me with hot clay and wrapping me in Ace bandages, I got really dizzy. I don't generally get dizzy, so this was slightly alarming. I revived with a couple rest periods and a glass of water, and then we kept on slathering and wrapping. I ended up wrapped from shoulders to ankles in hot, tight Ace bandages and therapeutic sea clay. Then Tiffani put me in a plastic/rubber track suit, wrapped my feet ("to help keep in the heat") and put me in bed, covered in one of those thermal silver blankets and another soft blanket.

And then, I started to sweat.

Seriously. I smelled nasty with a capital Asty. After an hour of the sweating, Tiffani unwrapped me and remeasured me.
Here's where it gets bad. I only lost FOUR INCHES off my entire body. Four inches! Half an inch off my chest and each ankle and upper and lower thigh. Also, to keep the detox going, I had to drink a ton of water for the next three days, not use any lotion, and stay away from salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods. Okay, I figured I could make it - what's a little diet to keep my lovely four inches away?
Oh, but Tiffani didn't tell me about some possible side effects. I have been peeing, pooping, farting and sweating ever since. My stomach is in knots and makes the most ridiculous noises. I've detoxed before, and this didn't happen, so maybe I'm detoxing better, but really, had known that my forty bucks was only going to get me four lost inches and gastric distress, I would have done something else with the cash.

If I were Charlie, I would give SlenderQuest a C-. If I were Noah, I would NOT love SlenderQuest.

UPDATE: 7-22-05
I went back today to get remeasured, and the three day detox took off another two inches from my thighs and upper bust. Also, when measuring my lower bust, Tiffani said "Okay, pick up your girls." For that, Herbal Body Wrap's grade get's bumped up to a B-. Way to go!


Anonymous said...

I tried it and am in the setox period. I paid $69 but, I lost 25 inches! maybe the diff was that I went into a sauna for 15 min then laid under the lil tarp for another 30-45. I agree with the strange pooping peeing farting result but,I will definitely try again A-. only because while wrapped I got REALLY uncomfortable on the table...couldnt find a good position

Kim said...

The last time I had my slender quest body wrap was about 4 years ago. I am looking for a place near me so I can start doing them again. I did them twice a week for two weeks and kept up with one to two a month. I had amazing results. I was not very big to begin with but still lost about 7 inches, and got a butt lift, boob lift, celulite smoothed and my skin was softer than it had ever been. I absolutely fell in love with it. I just had a baby 7 mos ago and I am looking to start doing slenderquest body wraps again to help me loose my baby weight. I have never had a side effect or bad experince and I have had many of them. After every wrap I would feel tired for the rest of the day and I would rest that night and I always felt like a million bucks the next day. I lost a total of about 17 lbs but at that time I was more looking to tone and smooth than loose wieght and it sure worked for me. I am having a hard time finding a place that does them near where I am living now, but if I dont find one soon, I may just open my own.