Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Poppycock's is one of Traverse City's most popular restuarants... what I'm trying to figure out is, why? They have some decent food - I'm a big fan of the pita chips with hummus, melted Jarlsberg cheese and salsa sides - and a delicious dessert selection, and the decor is really hip and trendy. However, the food, although good, isn't good enough for the price. I have no problem paying top dollar for really tasty and interesting food, but I think that Poppycock's has fallen into a rut with the same recipes that might be more interesting than what you'd make at home but don't merit what they charge. Also, Poppycock's is on Front Street, the swanky main drag through downtown, and the image that the restaurant portrays is one of snobbery trying to pass as trendiness. I either feel overdressed or underdressed when I'm there, depending on if the crowd is made up of locals or tourists ("Fudgies," we call them - they always buy fudge).
And speaking of tourists - in summer, Poppycock's is always packed. Like I said, it's a popular place, right in the heart of downtown and all the fun shopping, so the Fudgies take over from Memorial to Labor Day. If you build it, they will come, I guess.
So, Poppycock's: great dessert, decent food, too-hip to really be hip atmosphere, high prices, large crowds - C.


Chargenda said...

I love Poppycocks...I haven't been there for a while, so maybe they have takena turn for the worse...i hope not.

Chargenda said...

I dont' think I would like the live jazz and blues. I want to eat in silence.